Sunglasses At Night

(Deus Ex gets turned inside-out by DOUG the Eagle)

They augmented his body. But not his mind.

Thanks to Saracoth/Silent, for suggesting some neat improvements and contributing the 'Saint Paul - Wrath of God' section.


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The Fourth Coming - Yet more weird and wonderful stuff

Human Revolution No.9 - How I learned to stop whinging and love being a cyborg


A modern day warrior, Mean mean stride
Today's Tom Sawyer, Mean mean pride.

           .  .  .  .

No, his mind is not for rent
To any God or government
Always hopeful yet discontent
He knows changes aren't permanant
(But change is)
It is the early 2050s and everything sucks. Plague, famine and mega-corporations are rife.
The solution is the Augmented soldier, human tissue boosted with nanonic devices into a superhuman being.

That's the theory, and if you believe that, you probably also believe that Windows cannot crash, the Government always knows best and the Moon landings are fake.

What Page Industries and VersaLife haven't realised is that Augmentation has serious psychological side-effects. None of the Augmented in the game can be considered truly normal.
In the case of Paul Denton, the result is cowardice, paranoia and confusion about which side he's on. Page and Simons have an irresitable urge to take over the world, in true 'Pinky and the Brain' style. Anna and Hermann have a fetishistic dress sense and no morals.
For JC, the effect is nothing short of a full-blown psychosis, as we shall soon see!

Liberty, Death and the Tower of Babel

Hokay. First thing, choose Medium difficulty because it's necessary for some of the effects in the walkthrough to work as presented.

Now set up your character. I called mine 'Groo' after the idiot warrior invented by Serge Aragones and Mark Evanier. Note that a single word is best.. if you call him something like 'The Reverend', the game will call him 'The' more than half the time.

You can really cock up the skill points at this stage by teaching him useless junk such as swimming. Medicine is only partly useful. For the purposes of the walkthrough, un-learn Pistols and get yourself trained in sniper rifles and computers. Sniping is very useful and rewarding, and computer skills will allow you to perform new tasks, such as stealing money from ATMs.

Choose just these two, because you get to keep the leftover skill points and we will need those after the first mission.

Start up and talk to Paul. He will offer you three choices of weapon - a tranquiliser, a sniper rifle and a GEP launcher.
Paul, being a very pacifistic killing machine, prefers the tranquiliser.
If you ask for the sniper rifle he becomes irritable and says that you can't just go round killing people.

The first two weapons we can easily get off the dead terrorists, so ask for the rocket launcher. Interestingly, Paul approves of this.. the idea that we are going to use it on people has obviously not entered into his darkest dream.

As soon as you try to leave the dock, the mission creep starts. Now it's kill everything.
Go up the steps and dance around in front of the first two terrorists. They will get quite angry, so lead them down towards the robot, which will obediently slay them for you.
Frisk the terrorists and the dead trooper.

There are a number of ways to handle this mission. For entertainment value, you can build a Tower of Babel out of crates, to get onto the perimeter wall. If you then take a crate of TNT (referred to as 'Boom' throughout) and creep around the wall, you can throw it on the unsuspecting Charlies below. Hours of fun, or your money back!

However. First thing, we need a supply of medical attention. To your left by the dock entrance is a large, flat crate thing with a supply box on top. If you examine the crate carefully, you will find a door. Take one of the crates of Boom and throw it carefully at the door, thus opening it in the most violent way possible. (Try to avoid killing the pigeons, otherwise you will have to self-terminate in accordance with directive 90098.)
Get yourself repaired and move on.

Take the clockwise circuit around the statue, and break some terrorist heads using the crowbar, or point-blank with the pistol. Heal yourself up with the robot after each assault, and keep searching for goodies.
Around the entrance to the statue complex, you should find a guy with a sniper rifle. When you have this, return to the medical robot.

Now find the other crate of Boom and head around anti-clockwise, clutching the Boom and crouching down. This will slow you up a bit, but it will prevent them seeing you (the sight of a TNT crate moving around does not provoke suspicion) until the last minute, when you throw the crate at them and move back FAST!

Assuming you're not dead, go back to the robot and get your legs glued on again. There should be two more terrorists hanging around. Shoot them once or run up to them, and lead them towards a friend of yours in the North-East.

When they're dead, go towards the second dock. Don't bother with Filben, we're after the good stuff. Shoot the crate of Boom on the left, killing the NSF trooper, and then the barrel of Boom on the right, splashing the Thug. Search the crates and you should find some rifle shots and GEP rockets.

If you're in poor health, go back to the medical robot. Otherwise, go down into the bunker and fix the power unit. Kill the terrorist and pick up all the weapon mods. Boost the capacity of the rifle, and fix the laser sight to the crossbow (you should have one by now) for a pleasing combination of high and low technology.

Dogfood at the Core

Ensure you are in tip-top condition before proceeding. The next step is to use the ready-made Tower of Babel to get up to the statue complex.
Beat up all the terrorists on the first few decks with the crowbar and take a crate of Boom up to the core. You may need to go down and get healed again before trying this, but find the two terrorists who're discussing the shipping and throw the Boom at them, to turn them into dogfood.

Just look at all that meaty goodness!

Now go into the core and climb up, slaying anyone in your path by the most expedient means. Forget about that prick Gunther.

Climb up to where the chief terrorist is waiting, and grab the whisky. Drink it so your vision blurs and then talk to him. Use the peaceable option and grab the Augmentation.

Now search the statue complex. You should be able to find at least two LAMs, a bunch of ammo, lockpicks, multitools etc.

Now go to the Torch chamber, where there should be a box of Boom lying around. Open the door and then grab the box of TNT.
If you do this in reverse order, JC will drop the box and the last thing you hear is one of the UN troops saying 'What the Hell happened?'

Take the Box of Delights to Paul who is waiting for you by the UNATCO base. As soon as he speaks you will throw it at him. Oh no.. your legs have come off again. Interestingly, you can still stand up when talking to people.
Another thing to note is that no-one bats an eyelid at your obviously critical injuries (and Alex even keeps badgering you if you take too long to crawl in to work).

I later found that if you lose both your legs, you're supposed to self-terminate in accordance with directive 90099.. oops, we've broken the rules already.

Home, sweet home

Crawl to Level Two on your knees. Talk to Manderley and and then go to the medical to get your feet reattached. Use the Augmentation Module and select Microfibral Muscle for greater lifting power.

Now root around the place, stealing any gadgets that looks useful. Take Dr. Reyes' key, and examine Alex's room in minute detail. The floor has a secret cavity with some hot shit in it. I believe there is an accuracy modification; use this on the Rifle.

Now get your second mission up and running. As you leave, steal the sergeant's chocolate bar ("You're kidding around, right?") which will come in handy later. Find a plant pot and carry it with you to the dock. Climb aboard the boat.

If you have a spare crate of Boom, you can throw it at Corporal Collins, which will turn him into scraps for the seagull. Mysteriously he appears to come back to life when you return to base after the NYC mission.

De-stroy, kill ALL Hippies Terrorists

Upgrade yourself to support Advanced riflery and follow Navarre to Castle Clinton.
Discretion is the better part of valour, so when you go in, crouch down and creep around the perimeter in a clockwise fashion, until Navarre and the troopers have killed everyone for you.

Give the stolen chocolate bar to the kid and enter the code 666 into the keypad.

You should see a terrorist through the door. Jump around to get him excited and pan his head in with the crowbar when he comes close. Wait for the alarm to expire.

Now, avoiding the sullen gaze of the cameras, go downstairs and look for the barrel of Ambrosia creamed rice pudding, which is the only known antidote to the plague. Finding the Ambrosia is cool, but there's something even better nearby. Switch on your Augmentation and pick up one of the grey barrels full of hot death.
Now let us use a little bug. Face the wall so you can't drop the barrel and switch off your Augmentation. You're still holding the barrel of doom, but you won't be using any power to do so! (System Shock 1 F1.5S had similar 'problems')

Take the barrel upstairs, and place it by the locked door, like so.

Take care when placing this one!

Very carefully, shoot the barrel and immediately dive left to avoid amputation. Steal the rockets and subvert the computer systems. Take the augmentation canister (bullet-proofing) and apply it at the next opportune moment.

Now, take your crowbar and engage in a killing spree. Smash all the terrorists in the head and leave through the back door. Go through the main square and get some drugs off the eagle.

You will probably find a bum who sings. When this gets on your nerves, you can make him shut up and go away by showing him your sniper rifle. Just wield it.. the mere threat of impending doom will make him scream and run away.

Attack the subway by means of the vents, using the hatch nearby the entrance. When everyone's dead (except the hostages.. we don't want the lovely 'Jesus, JC!' message) pick up a couple of Forties (don't drink them) and one of the spare crates of Boom. Take this with you on the train.

Before you go, it is definitely worth stashing the crates of Boom into the ventilation shafts.. if they are left alone, the UNATCO roadies will take them away. If you hide them, they won't be able to find them.
Two crates of Boom are keyed to the lasergrid. If both these are destroyed, the lasergrid should then be safe.

The station is probably the best place in the mission to end it all if you
feel so inclined.

One particularly ornate suicide involved J.C. 'The Reverend' Denton,
crawling back from Hell's Kitchen with a LAW that he claimed to have
found in the sewers, and no legs.

The LAW was apparently used to perform a preliminary cleansing of the
station, thereby removing all the terrorist bodies, bar one that was
outside the blast range.  When this failed to cleanse Denton also, he
appears to have stacked a pile of about four TNT crates and the sole
remaining terrorist corpse next to the laser grid.. no mean feat
considering his 2-foot stature at this point.

Surviving UNATCO troops stationed above ground claim to have heard
Denton singing the first verse of 'Jerusalem' immediately before the
explosion, which also killed the two troopers who ran downstairs to

Black Helicopters R Us

Talk to Paul (putting the Boom down first) and hack the ATMs. Then go to the 'Ton hotel and kill the NSF hostage-takers. Go into Paul's room and strip it of all goodies.

Now, go around scrounging goodies and stuff wherever you can find them. You might want to visit Smuggler but you'll have to go through the back way if you do. Smuggler will send you on a sacred quest to the sewers if you talk to him, but this is purely optional.

In the Underworld, find the one they call 'Pilot'. It will require some alcohol, which must be cold.

We're on a tight budget, so don't purchase any from the bar. Instead, loot the pub and get two fire extinguishers.

	In shame, I do hereby recant this manoeuver.  I read about it on some other website, tried to make it work,
	but didn't have time to check it fully before 'going to press'.
	They say all legends have a grain of truth, though - if you can make it work, let me know how ;-)
Extinguish the Forties and give them to Pilot. The drink must be extinguished in a private room (e.g. the toilets) because Pilot will try to kill you if it sees what you're doing.

        Long before Ike or Dade have even been introduced, Jock and SH-187
        have already merged to become Black Helicopter, and will never be seen
        separately again.  Like Daedalus, the face of Jock in your communicator
        is simple video trickery.

        If you don't believe me, look up John Gault in the voice credits.
When you're ready to take on the NSF, go back to the subway and take the crate of Boom into the Oswald building. Use it to destroy the door and take the augmentation upgrade. Save it for later, it will be most useful when you get the Legs upgrade. (Speaking of which, there's one in the NSF offices below the generator).

Now approach the generator by whatever means you see fit. There are lots of alternative ways to get to it, and to destroy it. My personal favorite is to hack into its systems and shut down the cooling units.

When this is done, go to the roof, where you should meet 'Black Helicopter'.

Don't be afraid.. I've always wanted a pet like you.

Back at UNATCO, get patched up and talk to Manderley. He'll tell you that Paul's been made redundant and you have to take his place.

Scrounge the place for goodies again, not forgetting the secret cavity under Alex's floor.
Talk to Carter to get some weapons. Apply the accuracy mod to the Sniper Rifle and then go out to meet Black Helicopter.

Back at the park, get some more drugs from the eagle and head towards the subway.
If you did the Smuggler bit, talk to the people outside the station and you should get the code. Otherwise you'll have to pay Filben for it.

Find the mad bum who keeps burbling about God and Jesus and buy the rounds from him if you can afford it.

Go down the phone booth and talk to Charlie, one of the two people in a tan jacket. He tells you to fix the water, but you need to clear the passageway first. Since you have a GEP launcher, this is easy.

Now go into the gents and find the mad junkie with the bomb and exchange it for some drugs.

Now go up to the Rooks floor and scrounge any goodies you can find. There should be several multitools at least.

Now go into the ladies and open the secret door with the code that Charlie gives you when you fix the water.

You are now in NSF territory, so be prepared to break a lot of heads. Once the place is bare of immediate foes, talk to the people. Then go and see the NSF accountant in the south and take his key.

See you in the sewer

Go to the bog, which is locked. Unlock it and go through.

Take the left passage. For dealing with the lasergrids, I suggest the tried-and-tested technique of throwing a small metal crate or binbag into the lowest beam, and then waiting for the alarm to cease.
Then you can crawl through the gap created by the obstruction.

I tell you what I'm gonna do,
Gonna make love to a water rat or two
And breed a family

Bring another crate along and climb up the pipe. Throw the crate over the wall because we are going to need it. Sneak past the NSF guy and stun him, or kill him if he sees you first. Take the key and unlock the door.

Take all the small metal crates you have (there should be four) into this room. There's a full-height lasergrid blocking your exit. Using your Arms, pick up a medium-sized crate and put it in front of the beams. Hide, to avoid perforation.

The repeat the process with the other medium crate. To get it on top of the first one, and cover up the beams, you will need to stand on one of the small crates before picking up the large one, to gain enough height.

Now, reach behind the crates and push the button to raise the gangplank.

This is where it gets fiddly. The objective is to take the very valuable crate of Boom across the water so we can use it. There are two suspended walkways which collapse when you stand on them, and if you fall in the water you will not be able to escape (unless you gave him Super-Swimming powers).

Take the crate of Boom first, and walk to the very edge of the gangplank. Crouch down, and throw it just far enough that it lands on the second platform. If you don't crouch, or you try and throw it too far it will kill you. You may need to do this several times, and it is probably best to quicksave after it has been placed.

Now, take the four small crates and throw them onto the platform as well. Try and make them stack, so you have two piles of two crates, plus the Boom, like so:

Jump onto one of the crates, and try not to cross the centre-line so the platform doesn't collapse. If possible, move the Boom further forward (East). Now move around the crates so that you cross the centre-line and the platform collapses. All the crates will remain in the air.

Jump down onto the frame of the platform. Reach out, and transfer the crates (and the Boom) to the second platform. Save.

The trouble with the second platform is that it swivels instead of swinging downwards, and the crates will move around oddly. What you will need to do is try to get onto the second platform without collapsing it, and then move the Boom so it is next to the furthest left (Northeast) strut, which is the one that platform is going to swivel around.

You can change the laws of physics

You will have to run this several times to get it to work. If you are very lucky (or highly skilled at throwing Boom around) you may just be able to throw the Boom on to the last platform (which doesn't collapse) from the second platform before it collapses, but you'll have a real job.

Once you have the Boom safely over the river, save, and leave it where it is for the moment. Go through the door, and defuse or destroy the EMP grenade. Open the door, and then go back to get the Boom.

Take the Boom past the two robots (the holes in the wall are probably your best bet) and leave it in the machine room until we need it later on.

A bad day at the helipad

Take the east wing first. Kill everyone you meet and keep the alarm running to bring them on. When no-one else is coming to assail you, shoot the windows leading to the helipad and keep the alarm going. When you're satisfied that no-one else is coming yet, go upstairs in the east wing.

Stand in front of the camera and smile. Shoot a few rounds of pool, get something to eat and take a long drink from the water cooler.

Take a plant and throw it onto the pool table to see something unusual. Trying this with a crate of Boom has to be one of the most disturbing things you'll ever see.

Now take the west wing. First root through the offices. Keys are for poofs, so open the locked door upstairs by shooting at it. When the guy comes out to see what's going down, kill or stun him, thereby leaving the door open.

Open the bookshelf up and get the augmentation upgrade. Save it for later, along with the other one. Apply the range mod to your rifle.

Now it's time to use the Boom. Go back and get it. Place the crate of Boom by the cupboard on the top floor of the west wing. (It provides access to the roof). Creep round the side and aim at the crate with your pistol. Let the TNT speak!

But do try to avoid losing a leg.

Go into the control room again and get the LAW, and shut down the security systems while you're at it. You will have to drop the GEP launcher temporarily to carry the LAW.

Avoiding the guy on the roof, fire towards the north to wake up the guy on the catwalk. When he comes close, fire the LAW at the ceiling (NOT the catwalk!) and you'll be rewarded by a rain of little red wet bits.
Deal with the other guy by shooting him once and then climbing up the ladder to the catwalk. Wait until he gets bored, and then shoot him up until he panics and runs. Then, when he runs up the skylight, shoot the glass so he falls and makes a mess all over the barrel of Ambrosia.

Now go back to the control room at retrieve your GEP launcher. Finally, enter the helipad itself. Ignore Green Helicopter.

If you want to scrounge, do so now (but there may still be some NSF lurking in the shadows).

Exit to the airfield.

The airfield is pretty straightforward. First, locate all the crappy little robots and destroy them by shooting the barrels of Boom helpfully located next to their patrol routes as they go past. One or two of these may need the Boom to be shifted slightly.

Once it's clear, go into the boathouse and slay anything that moves.
Find the ambrosia, and then head to to the East gate. To open the gate, gently hit the NSF guy next to it with the crowbar. He will then try to run through the gate, opening it for you. Kill or stun him and proceed.

Alternatively, if you hit him too hard, get some crates of the right size and place them by the gate.. you can squeeze through from the correct height.

In the barracks, place a LAM next to the alarm and get the people excited. Slay the survivors and go upstairs. Break open the door upstairs and loot it. A fuel drum would be handy for this, but it may present difficulties.
If you can, use a GEP round (they are small, tight-focussed explosions, idea for this) as there are some more rockets in a truck inside the hangar.

The LAM lies down on broadway

Now open the walkway to the hangar and go through. Talk to the airliner and board Paul. Or is it the other way round?

Inside, find the nanokey and go to the locked door where Lebedev is waiting. In principle there are two ways we can play this, depending on whether you want to be a Good Little Robot(tm), but if we combine the best parts of both, we can have our cake and eat it, too.

Go through the doors and creep towards Lebedev. Do not talk to him yet: we are first going to unhinge the game.

For this to work, you must have started the game in MEDIUM difficulty, as I suggested at the start. You must also be TRAINED in demolition, or the delicate balance of forces necessary for the effect to work will be disrupted.

If you are untrained (and following the walkthrough so far, you should be) get yourself trained in demolition right now.

Stand against the southern facing south: Lebedev should be directly to your right, and a window should be to your left. Near the floor of the southern wall there should be a vent. Attach a proximity device to the wall above the vent. Do not crouch to do this.. the device must be attached at your normal height.

Place the device exactly as shown..

If you have any doubts about using explosives aboard 747, dispel them. This airliner is the late 2040s revision made by General Products and is totally indestructable (even the tyres).
The self-healing subsystems in the fabric of the airframe will automatically tidy up everything, even the burn-marks and juice when Anna gets blown to kibble.

"How can you hope to challenge a perfect, immortal machine?"


Now, squeeze yourself into the NorthWest corner and click on Lebedev. After the first conversation, look at the L.A.M. on the wall.

Anna will appear, the mine will go off and she should howl and vanish. There should not be any little bits of meat on the floor, but something unearthly will happen instead.

Talk to Lebedev again and Anna's ghost should complain. Go through the entire conversation with Lebedev and then go into the north washroom where the ghost of Anna should be.

Shoot the ghost a couple of times and it will explode violently, much to the chargrin of Alex. Fortunately he is the nice subversive type and erases this bizarre event from the records.

"Don't you ever ____ing die?!?"


If you're having difficulty with the ghost effect, this advice from Saracoth may help:

"I got her to ghost twice in a row this way: place a LAM on the vent, but to cause the explosion earlier, place another LAM on the window on the wall nearby (still tested using Trained demolitions and Medium difficulty).

Hug the wall on your right as you approach Lebedev. When you reach the corner, talk to him. You may then face the two LAMs and watch as Anna approaches, screams, and turns into Coward the Frightened Ghost.

Or not look at all, since you couldn't care less whether she lives or dies. "


Now, for Lebedev. Talk to him and get all the info from him. Then shoot him once with the Tranquiliser dart and wait for him to drop. You will have achieved your primary goal, and Manderley will be well pleased.

But Lebedev is still alive, if not exactly well. Pick up his unconscious form and carry it with you back to UNATCO.

Ignore the Augmentation Canister in 747's hold. This contains Bullet-proofing, but we're going to get something even better later on.

Scour the land for any cool stuff such as ammunition and weapon mods.
Look out for: The accuracy mod in the hangar truck, the Clip mod in the power room by the helipad, and the recoil mod in the Northeast watchtower. Also, the evil mechanic tending 747 will fence you another recoil mod that he stole.

I suggest: accuracy mods and clip extensions go to the sniper rifle, and recoil mods go to the assault rifle if you have one. When you get a silencer, attach it to the sniper rifle ASAP.

Once you're done, find Jock The Helicopter and go home. Don't talk to Gunther.


Back at UNATCO, break into Dr. Reyes' cupboard and take the Legs augmentation (unless you already took the NSF one). This will give you the ability to perform jumps similar to those in The Matrix, or the Alan Dean Foster novel, The i Inside. It is almost certainly one of the most fun and useful upgrades in the entire game.

You should by now have two upgrade canisters: apply both to the Legs.

Talk to Manderley and eat his chocolate bar, which can provoke some amusing responses.
Scavenge anything useful you can find (there should be a recoil mod for your Assault rifle under your desk) and visit Carter.

Finally, go back to Black Helicopter, who has also become subversive. If you drugged Lebedev, take him along too for the ride.

Back in New York City

Visit Paul. If you brought Lebedev with you, dump him on the balcony outside for safekeeping. Go to the NSF headquarters and break into the computer room.

Once you've opened the hatch, take the crate of Boom nearby down the ladder with you and use it to blow the locked door.
Once the poison has dispersed, open the three automatic doors by hacking the security terminal, and go through until you come to the lasergrid.

There should be a small metal crate nearby. Pick this up and throw it into the lasergrid so it blocks the lowest beam. Run away and wait for the alarm to cease. There should now be a gap in the beam for you to crawl under. Take a crate of Boom and do this.

Block the beam and hide

At the corner of the tunnel are two gun turrets in little cupboards. Place the Boom in the corner so it's in front of both of them. Crawl back under the beam and shoot the Boom. Dive out of the way to avoid the shockwave or you'll lose a limb.

Blow the Boom and run away

Now both gun turrets should be destroyed, and also the lasergrids. Take the remaining crate of Boom and go through to the safe where the datacube is. Blow it.

Take the accuracy mod and attach it to your rifle; it should be around 97% accurate now. Root around for any other goodies and then read the two datacubes.

Opening safes for fun and profit

Back down the corridor is a stack of four(!) crates of Boom. Take these and move them, up one by one to street level using the back exit. Once they are all in the street, transfer them to the Hell's Kitchen map.. we are going to take them up to Paul's room in the 'ton hotel.

Go back to Paul and if the option is given, tell him you won't send the message. Otherwise just say 'bye and leave.
Now go down the subway to escape, the code of which is 6282. Some rather unusual stuff will now happen.

First, Gunther will run up to you and stand there like a lemon. He cannot speak, so ignore him.
Talk to the guards, who are standing around like wooden dolls, and pet some of the security robots. DO NOT enter any of the huts or everything will come to life and kill you.
There is nothing for you here, so go back down to the subway and take the train.

Owing to the magical nature of the New York rail service, you should find yourself on the roof of the Hilton. What a trip! Go back down to Paul, who will tell you to send the signal again. Head back to the NSF HQ.

Taking a gun, shoot the barrels of Boom on the lower level. This may erase the hapless repairbot, but it will also poison many humans and thereby reduce the amount of work we have to do later on.
If there are any remaining crates of Boom on the ground level, take them somewhere safe before setting off the barrels.. it can prove useful later ;-)

Go up to the top floor and barricade the stairs with a huge metal crate. (This will require your Arms). When the guy says he will report you, shoot him in the head with the rifle and jump past the barricade with your Legs. Kill the two on the top floor by any means you see fit and throw their bodies off the roof, to improve the morale of the folks below.

Now go back to the barricade. You should have several troopers, in a perfect configuration for a single GEP round to blow them all to kuck. If not, kill them individually and make your way downstairs, floor by floor. Use the poison provided to eradicate all life in the area.

When this is done and there is no-one left alive, go back to the top floor and send the signal. Now we must rescue Paul; this takes a lot of effort, and the game will try very hard to stop you, even 'cheating'.

Go to the Mellotron Hotel and in through the fire escape window. Put Lebedev on the bed and transfer all the Boom into the kitchen. Save now, because things will get pretty hairy. Do NOT talk to Paul, and keep well away from him, because it will all go to shit when he speaks.

Unlock or smash open his apartment door with a GEP rocket and walk around the 'Tron hotel.

Find Jojo and shoot him in the back with the pistol at close range. Upon seeing you he will utter the understatement of his life ("Oh, you bad.. Aagh!")

Now it's time to kick ass.

Saint Paul - The Wrath of God

(Written by Saracoth, and presented using Illuminati chronology)

Verwirrung - Chaos

"Just look at how much faith they put in the skills of you and Paul: an initial strike force of 3 MIBs and 3 UNATCO. Just in case you defeat all them, they assume you'll escape through the front door, so they have a sniper ready for when you go down the stairs.
His first shot will probably kill or cripple one of you, and he may get off a second. At the bottom of the stairs are three troopers to keep you occupied while two more sneak up from behind.

"At the next set of stairs are four guys to hold the exit. And if you make it past this force of ten, there's four more troopers waiting further down the hall, ready to grind the tenderized meat that your bodies now consist of and inject your remains into sausage skins.

Three troopers to distract you

While two more troopers sneak up on you

And four more troopers turn the pair of you into dogmeat

"A full frontal assault is nearly suicide. Hit and run tactics won't work, since there's no where to run to. What does that leave? Stealth - the element of surprise! But wait, aren't they here to surprise you? Poor mortal fools... daring to challenge a god. We'll ambush them for this impudence!

"Is such a thing possible? A one-man ambush, almost instantly wiping out an assault force of 20 spread throughout an entire building? You bet, if you've been collecting Boom from the NSF headquarters. Beyond the four already listed in the walkthrough, there are also two crates of Boom in the main areas of various floors (one under the stairs on a higher level, and one on the ground floor, which you hopefully shipped out prior to detonating the barrels).

"Given that there are two different places with Rockets in the complex, I'll assume that the GEP gun will replace using these. That's a total of six Boom boxes. If you collected these, you can rest assured that not only will your soon-to-be-sainted brother survive, but that word of your (un)righteous might will spread throughout the world. "

Zweitract - Discord

"It might help to know their attack pattern. Unmolested by you, the pattern is as follows:

"From the group of two MIBs, the one closer to the wall where Paul's front door is will run first. A short while later (5 seconds), the other two MIBs follow, stopping briefly outside the door. When the battle begins, they continue on, and the three UNATCO boys run after.

"Going by this, it appears that most troops simply stand still, waiting as backup.
That's their plan anyway. While they stand still for the dialogue with Paul, it doesn't take long for the LAMs to go off, so rush through it.

"The MIBs are apparently immune to attempts at ambushing and 'Boombytrapping', so the sooner the conversation ends the better, since they will improvise and attack sooner than planned once they realize that their allies have been transformed into kibble.

"Since we can't take any Boom with us to the next mission, LAMs should be conserved while Boom must be utilized now.
Very important note: Kill the vacuum cleaner! It will set off the LAMs. Repeatedly stamping on it is fine. "

Unordnung - Confusion

Departing from Saracoth's original plan for a moment, this is the arrangement I used which took three LAMs and five crates of Boom:

Firstly, the Death Sniper. In the shot below, he'll appear by the plant but there are a number of friends with him. If we place the LAM on the opposite side of the pillar to the Sniper, it will still pulp him, but it will also set off the Boom and annihilate his companions.

"I'll wait for Denton here, right by this neat little flashing th-"

Next, we must take care of the MIB's backup. This is easy.. a single LAM will erase them all since they appear in a tight cluster.
Place it by the door next to Paul's, the one just opposite the stairs.

This is the view from the top of stairwell

"The four men nearest the front door can easily be taken out by a LAM in combination with a Boom. Place the LAM slightly to the right of the vertical light that one of the troopers will stand next to. The crate should go close to the middle of the hall, nearer to the ATM by a floor tile or two."

This little rig will purify the entire hallway

"The lobby will utilize one LAM, but the remaining three Booms. Substitute missing Booms with more LAMs, as needed."

Saracoth placed his LAM on the small flight of stairs leading from the entrance. In my experiments (codenamed 'Project Ecstasy') the LAM was placed on one of the central pillars.. it seems to work pretty well either way.

"Also place a Boom just a ways past the bottom of the stairs. Continue walking away from the stairs and place a second Boom near the column on your right, in line of sight of the first Boom and close enough to be affected by it and to gib the two UNATCO that will appear near the back of the stairs."

"The third Boom will be in line-of-sight of the second, closer to the office. For best effect, make sure that each Boom is just in range to get blown up by the previous one, to ensure that the UNATCO get blown away. "

"We'll do away with your kind!"

Beamtenherrschaft - Bureaucracy

The best way to find the optimum distance that Boom can be placed in order to chain properly is by prototyping.

Set up your rig and save. Then, hide somewhere relatively safe and run the prototype by shooting the LAM with the sniper rifle to see if you'll get the desired effect, before reloading the game and adjusting the rig as necessary.
An added bonus is Gilbert Renton's behaviour when you try to demolish his hotel through a series of controlled explosions.

Activating the lobby prototype

Now, back to Saracoth:

"That just leaves the MIBs, and we want to delay them as long as possible (but still rushing through the conversation with Paul, since this most certainly will not delay them).

"Use Paul's couch as one line of defense. Keep it inside the room, and maintain a respectable distance from the door, which will destroy virtually anything in the process of opening or closing.

"The trash can from the hall and Paul's chair will be the second line of defense."

Grummet - Aftermath

"Ready your weapon of choice, speak with Paul, and slam spacebar like a madman. The screen will go and stay white for a very long time as the effects of your omnipotence are felt by the fleshlings throughout the building.

"However, you want to toy with the heretic MIBs, who commit sacrilege by daring to think their augmentations make them a match for you. Paul will bear witness of your glory to all inhabitants of the earth, for ever and ever, Amen.

"Fire a GEP round into their midst when they gather at the door. Between that and the assumed explosion of at least one of them dying, if any of them survive they will be in sufficient awe of your (un)holiness to run from you. But you cannot deal lightly with such false prophets, so any surviving MIB should get a round of 30.06 between their eyes.

You may now escort Saint Paul, annointed in blood, to the front door."

Hints and stuff

Now what?

Once Paul is safely on his way, go back to the flat and raid the cupboard. You should find another augmentation upgrade. Apply it to your legs and you should now have full-fledged, Class IV Legs.

Once you've succeeded, go back up the fire escape to pick up Lebedev. Climb up on to the top of the hotel and walk off into space to end it all. Do not use explosives or Lebedev will get broken.

If you are not burdened with Lebedev, attach two or more LAMs to a nearby wall and use a crowbar on them, for something that everyone should try at least once.


Now you are in jail (even if your body was diced into red chunks by the LAMs!). All your posessions have been taken.. except Lebedev!

Face one of the mirrors, and keep tapping 'X' (crouch) approximately
five times a second.  If you sidestep left and right, JC will do a
Silly Walk (one of the really clever ones where his feet don't move).
Put Lebedev on your bed for now. Very strange things happen and you escape.

As soon as you get out, grab the baton and riot prod. Beat the guard to pulp and steal his stuff. Now run out of the detention block and go down the drain.
Until you can get to the armoury, you will need to loot corpses. Everything will be useful in the interim, except for knives which are the weaponry equivalent of spam.

Dade should tell you that Paul is alive and (more-or-less) well. Head to the east for the nanotech labs (this is the nearest place to the medical facility that is reachable by drain) and cause a little mayhem. Start by throwing chairs around to wake everyone up and finish up by killing or Prodding all enemies in the office.

Now the alarm will be sounding and you'll probably find that there are some Bad People outside trying to get in. Keep shutting the door each time they try to open it.. eventually the alarm will stop and they will get bored and go away.

Grab the augmentation canister at an appropriate moment, but do not release the Greasels unless you are hopelessly outnumbered. Install the Aggressive Defence module and heal up.

Head back towards Detention and find Robot Maintenance. With luck you should have an assault rifle or something by now, so you might try just rushing all the guards. Don't kill too many though, because we will want some alive later for entertainment value.

If you can't rush the guards, the stealth tactic is as follows. There is one guard on the lower level.. kill him quietly and talk to the Immoral Mechanic who gives you some Bad Ideas.
(It is also an amusing variation to NOT talk to him until after the deed is done) Now find the guard with a sniper rifle. Kill him and take it.

Either way, get to the top-level control centre. Program the security robot to venerate your name and obey you in all things. Pick up the Armoury code while you're there as well.

It is a shame that you can't put the robot on a leash and bring him with you, but we can do the next best thing. Whenever you find a loose MJ12 trooper, lead him on a merry chase to see your nice friend.

"Watch yourself.. This one's some kind of mech. Aagh!"

If you don't mind being bitten a few times, it is quite easy to get the two dobermans (dobermen?) in the control centre to drop into the maintenance shaft. There are two main approaches, stand in the shaft yourself and hope they get overexcited, or waiting until they are on the grate and then opening it.
When you're done, close the grate and you'll have two dogs in a cage.

Now go to the armoury and get your stuff back. Upstairs is a load of cool stuff, including a silencer mod (use on Sniper rifle if yours isn't already silenced) and a range mod (again, on the rifle). Turn off the robots with the panel.

Now go round to Medical R&D. Using the cattle prod, stun the evil secretary. Kill or stun the guard and anyone else who tries to cause trouble and now release the Karkians.

Upon gaining their freedom, the beasts will eat the two guards.. the problem now is putting them back in their box. Fortunately we do have a solution. Wait until they have finished eating and carry the unconscious secretary to the cage doors.
Throw her into the cage and they should follow. Close the door while they are busy eating and speak to Paul.. he should now be safe.


We all have to make sacrifices


I suggest you stun the nurses in the medical area. Left alone, they have a disturbing tendency to open the cage up again and walk inside, which will justly result in their demise, but may also result in yours, so you must prevent them from doing this.

Leave Medical R&D and go into the detention centre. Take the guards to see your friend downstairs, and then do the same for anyone walking round or inside the control room. For the dogs I suggest a zap on the nose with the cattle prod, which will send them running but should also keep them out of the robot's path.

Take Lebedev out of the MJ12 base and leave him in Medical on level 3. Talk to Reyes and ask him to stay. Get the augmentation and install Regeneration, which kicks ass.

Talk to Alex, and look under the floor where there should be some loot. Talk to Carter. Apply the upgrade to your Aggressive Defence System, the recoil mod to the assault rifle, and the range mod to the GEP or the rifle.

Now find Manderly and blow him up, which gets a nod from Walton Simons. Alternatively, you might want to talk to Manderley before dispatching him, so that Simons gives you his neat little 'fifty billion dollars' speech.

Now you've pretty much raided the place. Get Lebedev, find Black Helicopter and fly off into the sunset.

The Imprisonment of Black Helicopter

You are in Hong Kong. Black Helicopter has been kidnapped. You must break him out by unlocking the weapons systems and opening the sky.

To simplify this, a touch of mass-murder is in order. Go down into the vents until you come across some barrels of Boom and a keypad. Bypass the keypad and get out!

Now look around the vents for the two security robots. Find the southern one and use two EMP grenades to pacify him. If you have no EMP grenades, you may have to humanely destroy Brother Robot but this is not advised. The northern robot is of less consequence as a quick-witted Agent with two legs can go through the doorway before the robot becomes dangerous.

If you decide to go up onto the roof, snipe the GEP guard. Otherwise he will fire GEPs at you which are not only painful but it means there will be fewer left over for you once they have been liberated from his person.

Now, go down to the barracks where you should find a heap of corpses, the result of your twiddling with the air conditioning. There will probably be someone left alive at the computer, so absorbed in his game of minesweeper that he fails to notice everyone else has 'left the building'.

Stun or kill him by whatever means you see fit and go upstairs to the lockers. The middle two locked lockers are the ones we like, so fire a GEP between the two of them and take the goodies. Recharge yourself and check out the munitions dump for some fun weapons including WP rockets and another recoil mod for your assault rifle.

Move Lebedev to the Southern robot bay door so we can grab him quickly.

Entering the flight control decks, unlock the weapon systems and go towards the door, exactly like Black Helicopter tells you not to do.
When the door is broken, bypass the power system, grab Lebedev and crawl through the debris. Take the lift down.
If you wish to come back later to recharge, the code is 989 but TracerT has a repairbot of his own so there is little need once Maggie Cow and the Sword of Doom have been dealt with. (There is also a repairbot hidden in the back of a barge)

Hong Kong Phooey

First, ignore the Compound and DO NOT talk to Gordon Quick. We're going to cut out the middle-man and deal with Maggie Chow direct.

	It is, with a little bit of effort, quite possible to 'Babelize'
	your way into the Luminous Path compound using a stack of crates
	and your Power Legs, but this will cause all the Triads to go apeshit,
	and the codes will be changed to 6-digit numbers so you can't
	get into Tracer T's laboratory.  We aren't even going to try that.
Find somewhere out-of-the-way to put Lebedev for the time being.
Maggie Cow's apartment is in Tamagochi Road, so head to the street, but don't go into her apartment. Stand outside the Queen's Tower, where she lives, and face west. To your left should be a side-street with a cop and a large military robot.

Behind the robot should be a locked gate. Pick or destroy it and walk into the service lift. Climb up the wire fence to the top of the lift shaft and you will get onto the roof above Maggie's apartment.

Go to the northern side of the Helipad, and using your Legs, jump onto the barrier. Now, with your Legs still activated, line yourself up with the balcony below and walk off into space.

You should land by Jock's apartment. He has long since become one with Black Helicopter, so he won't be needing the flat anymore. Break and enter it using the crowbar.

Now, go back to the balcony and look up. There is Maggie Cow, staring vacantly into space. Aim the GEP at her (ignore the glass) and fire. If you have any WP rounds, this will surely kill her but be very careful.

It must be done soon; this week. And it must be done real tasty.

If all goes well, small chunks of Maggie will now jump out of the window and begin their rapid journey to the pavement below. If not, reload and try again.

Now, as a final touch, take the basketball from Jock's apartment and throw it into Maggie's penthouse to give the police a clue to puzzle over. The Basketball Killer has struck!

If someone notices that Maggie is 'missing', the alarm will go off. Wait a few minutes for it to settle before doing anything else: perhaps go to another map area temporarily.

Plunder Jock's apartment of anything good and leave through the door. Go down the lift and enter Queen's Tower through the main entrance. Take the left-hand elevator to the Penthouse. Look for the maid and shoot her with a tranquiliser dart. She should press the alarm before keeling over into a death-like sleep.

Go back to the elevator and wait for things to calm down.

Now go back upstairs. Pick up the supine maid and throw her through the window. Now make your way to the laser grid in Maggie's living room. If you go through, there will be lots of guards so use the following trick:

Place a LAM against the wall, just by the lasergrid. Stand well back and throw a pot-plant or something at the beams, to summon the guards.
Soon they come along and in a flash, destroy not only themselves, but also the lasergrid. If there are any survivors, a crowbar should be enough to deal with them. Now we can go into the lab without being disturbed.

In the mess room you should find a cabinet of ammo, including some Manna From Heaven (HE20 rounds) and a clip mod for your sniper rifle.
Take the Sword by hacking the computer to open the case. Replace the crowbar with it. Now you have the Sword of Doom, test it by trashing Maggie's apartment.

TracerT wants you to take the Sword to Max Chen, who owns the famous Red Arrows display team. Max Chen is at the Lucky Money, so go there.

Wield the sword and go to the Wan-Chai shopping centre. In the northwest corner of the corridor, look at that glass case. The Holy Grail!!! Wait for a policeman to come past and smash the case open. Steal the Holy Grail before his eyes. Just another crazy gwailo, I suppose.

Now, wielding the Holy Grail, stroll into the nightclub. Pay to get in, and look for some mirrors on the ground floor in the Northwest. Put the Grail down for a moment and wield the Sword instead.

Here's one of those cinematic entrances. Smash the mirror and walk through. The people are strangely unperturbed at your dramatic intrusion, but ask you politely to leave. Ignore them and go through the doors, jump onto the Bosses' table and talk to him.

" start seeing floating little fat people who tell you you're on a
mission from God, you're gonna be on some pretty heavy thorazine, right?
I said 'give me a sign'. They said 'Progressive Architecture, February '88, page 33.'
That's pretty specific. And bingo.. the Grail! The Holy Grail!"

Hide under Chen's desk until the immediate danger is past. When he has returned to his desk, leave the building. Pick up the Grail and Run past the commandos using your Legs.

You may be accosted by a girl called 'Ling' who keeps babbling and will not go away. You might try a gentle tap on the head with a crowbar or baton to let her know that she is not wanted. You should only do this once or you'll have a corpse to dispose of. If this does not work, give her shot of tranquiliser dart to render her unconscious.

        They say that death is like sleep.  In Deus Ex, things are backwards;
 	sleep is like death.  Detailed studies of the unconscious human form
	prove that 'unconscious' is simply a more humane way of saying 'dead'.
        (The fact that if you pick someone up it says 'you found a body'
        doesn't help matters.)

	If you attack an unconscious person with a crowbar, like a corpse
	they will slowly darken, remaining 'asleep' the whole time until
	the final blow causes them to burst messily.
If you had to KO Ling, take her sleeping form and head off to the canal. Throw her in, where she will sink to the bottom and then rise up suddenly, face-down in the water as if she's drowned.. only she hasn't. Leave her to sleep with the fishes for the rest of the game.

Back in the mall, break into the Kwiksave while the police are preoccupied. Go to the fridge and consume the entire stock of alcoholic beverage as quickly as you can. (60 bottles, if you bring the bottles from the club as well). It's a good job your stomach is augmented or you would now be dead.


If you can, pick up the Holy Grail and leave the area. Aw, the drink has worn off. Place the Grail outside Versalife.

In the market, head back to Tamagochi Road and look for the Maid, who is still happily sleeping on the tarmac after her passage through the window. Pick her up and look for Quick Gordon at the Luminous Path compound.
He should let you in. Drop the Maid in the compound and fetch Lebedev. Now go and see Tracer Tong to get rewired.

Tracer-T will want a few 'favours'. First you have to go to VersaDeath to pick up the source code for the Dragon's Tooth.
Before you set out, use Tracer-T's medical robot and repairbot to get yourself in peak condition. There is also some Manna from Heaven and another clip mod for your rifle.
Leave Lebedev in the medical room below Tong's lab.

Unless you have some real space problems, take the Sword with you. Then, carrying the Maid, head to VersaDeath.

VersaDeath Part I


"Ladies and gentlemen; due to the VersaLife Corporation's legacy of greed throughout the globe,
they are to be taught a lesson in the real use of power. You will be witnesses."

Go in the front door and down the lift. Talk to Reception and she will tell you to look for Hundley.

Put on a CD of something violent, like Bal Sagoth's To Dethrone The Witch-Queen of Mytos-K'Unn.. The Legend Of The Battle Of Blackhelm Vale or, if you feel like recreating the board-room scene from The Crow, 'After The Flesh' by My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult.

Find Hundley and give him a quick blow on the back of the head with the Sword/Crowbar while no-one's looking (you will have to put the Maid down for a while).
Now pick one of the following:

Non-stop violence

Leave Hundley's corpse where it is and head back down to reception.

Find the guard by the window nearest to reception and shoot him from behind. The receptionist will now turn exceedingly violent. Shoot her, and switch to the GEP for the three or four guards who will come out of security in a bunch (perfect for the GEP). If you're lucky the guards will become overzealous and shoot each other by mistake.

If there are any others who pose a threat (e.g. the doorman) kill them. Leave the normal employees alone.


I'm not evil, I'm just morally-challenged

Pick up Hundley and take him to the balcony overlooking reception.

Throw his remains to the ground in a triumphant manner, which will drive all the guards and the receptionist to a frenzy. Cock your rifle and pick off all the goons as they climb up to see you.


Okay. Hack the security area and shut down all cameras and apply the clip mod to your rifle. Take the Maid up to the data entry sections.

On the ground floor of Data Entry, the Supervisor is a secretary-type woman who is very harsh. Kill her immediately. Otherwise, when the shit goes down later on, she will execute the other Data Entry clerks with her pistol.

Hack into the computers and create yourself a few dummy accounts. Then, bearing the Maid once more, go up to the top floor and talk to Nervous Employee. It gets pretty screwed up right now, because you have gone totally Postal and the conversation takes a rather unusual twist.

Enter the main complex. Today's sermon is..

Fire and the sword and much letting of blood

I'm afraid there's going to have to be a certain amount of.. violence.
But at least we know it's all in a good cause!

A supervisor will come up to you and warn you not to do anything evil. Agree and then shoot the MJ12 commando in the back of the head with your sniper rifle. If a trooper comes to examine the body, shoot them too.
At this point the supervisor loses his grip completely, shouting "Hey! Hey!" and running towards the nearest panic button. The fool! Now he has die as well!

Head to the right and go up the stairs. In the boardroom, there should be a guard holding a flamethrower. Put him to the sword and run into the bathroom. Hide in the vent until the other troopers come and pick them off one at a time, retreating into the toilets after each strike.

You may alternatively wish go for the Brandon Lee approach of standing on the boardroom table and slaying everyone who comes close in a hail of machinegun fire.

Eventually the scientists should go back into the boardroom and sit down for their meeting. Crawl behind each one, and using the sword, destroy the chair they are sitting on (don't hit their legs!)

Now it is time to get the source code.
We could take the tour of the labs first and loot them that way, but it would be far too easy and it doesn't jell with the sermon. Steal the ROM coding and get ready to kill LOTS of very dangerous people.

O grim gods of battle, empower us this night
Annoint us with the Crimson Rain
Let every blow be a killing blow
Grant us victory.. or a Warrior's Death..

Kill the WiB and any others, and go down into the labs itself. Hide in the vents and pick off the MiBs one by one. If this is isn't fun enough, the the greasels in this lab actually make good pets and will eat all the people you don't like. You can keep them nice and happy by bringing corpses from upstairs to feed to them.

Go in and look for the Mad Bum. He tells you that he is in a position of overall command so release him.

"I'm the Captain here."

Plunder the Augmentation chamber, adding Radar-Invisibility and All-Seeing-Eye capabilities. Ye-e-e-es..

Once you've cleaned the place out, go to the temple, taking the Maid along with you. Dump her in front of Buddah and go back to Tong. If the monk annoys you, desecrate the temple.

Talk to Tong and recharge. Then go to the Old China Hand by Canal Road and go to the kitchen.
Someone has been killing pigeons! Find the one they call 'Chef' and destroy him utterly.

Then go into the vents, down to the collapsed tunnels and get the upgrade. Apply it to your Eyes.

VersaDeath Part II - the revenge

Now it is time to go back to VersaLife. You can either go in the back way, or by knocking on the front door and going in. I prefer the latter.
Snipe the Commandos, or blow them up with GEP rounds until you get to the lift down to R&D. Notice that the corpses from your previous visit are still strewn everywhere.

Down the lift, you'll find a big spider in the shower. I suggest two rounds of Manna From Heaven to dispose of it. Head towards the corporate statue, shooting the commando in the head as he comes to investigate the messy death of the spider.

Go downstairs, killing all who oppose you, and take the walkway. The code is 55655.

Unlock the red door with the combination 768, as seen on the datacube. Go in and find the ramp. There is a button on the left-hand wall that raises and lowers the ramp.
Do not press the button while you are standing by the ramp because it also lowers a bulkhead door. If you're in the way it will close on your head, which will get broken. This is something we do not want.

Instead, crouch while pressing the button and run as quickly as you can to leave the ramp while it is being raised. If it worked, we have negated the need to go along the upstairs corridor and get slain by the robots.

However, it is definitely worth just going up the stairs quickly to marvel for a few minutes at the ceiling, which is made of worms.

My God, it's full of worms!

Now, go down the tunnel you have just opened and snipe the lab woman.
She is one of the Grey Death researchers and more evil than Satan, whatever your IFF says. There is also a Commando and two security robots, happily sleeping. We don't want to wake them up, so GEP the Commando while he is at the other end of the hall. Hack the terminal to shut down the lasergrid and slip past the robots. If you press the maintenance button they will not trouble you.

Now, grab anything you like and hack the computer. Upload the data to Tong and then go down into the Multiversal Constructor.
If Maggie Chow wasn't dead, she would be standing around on the lowest floor. (If you jump, she says 'bad move, JC' as your body splatters everywhere)

Release the augmentations. Apply the upgrade to your Eyes and install the power recirculator using the medibot nearby.

Now go downstairs and blow the joint. Leave, and return to the Sucky Money for instant and total intoxication.

Even the fish is drunk

A Farewell to Things

Go back to Tong, and talk to Paul. Ask Alex about the Grey Death and then get yourself fixed up and recharged. Talk to TracerT and he'll tell you to leave. Lebedev is now in a safe place, so I think it is safe to go on without him (Paris can be very violent, and the chances of him being hit and obliterated rise considerably).

Say goodbye to Paul, Lebedev and possibly the Maid. Now go back to the helicopter (who is going under his alias of 'Jock' this time) and away.

You can tell by the night-fires where Rael has been

Back in NYC again, Daedalus crashes and gets Ro0t3D by dA iCARu5 cReW. You must find Filben in the Underworld club. While you're there, talk to the navy guy and bring him over to the Dark Side. Check out the public data terminals to see a list of your crimes.

The suspect is a man with one leg and a rocket launcher

Leave the underworld and find Dowd in the charred wreckage of the Osgood building. I suggest you turn on your Legs and Recirculation beforehand, so you can jump out of danger like Spring-Heeled Jack.
When you talk to Dowd, keep pressing Enter quickly, so that he just coughs and doesn't say anything.

Now go and find Smuggler. If you have the readies, buy 6 LAMs otherwise just tell him to get the hell out of there. Leave via the secret exit in the left-hand wall as you emerge.

Head back to the roof of the 'tron hotel and fly away to the submarine base.

The submarine base

..he knows that whatever the outcome, this night shall see a legend of war written in blood and the deaths of men... a legend none shall soon forget...
-- Liner notes from 'Starfire Burning'

Unfortunately it is now necessary to slay the PSS Wallcloud for the greater good.

First, talk to the outer guards, who have all been corrupted by your seditious influence, and get the key off them. Check out the lorry trailers in the east, using the nano-sword to break them open and your Legs to get inside.

Now go into the eastern warehouse and sneak into the office in the corner. Break open the locked door using your sword and reprogram the military robots to 'Standby'. Check out all the stuff in the office.. there's some codes. Now go to the crane and take the sniper ammo up top.

Snipe any enemy troopers you can see and go back down. Try to enter the western warehouse, the ammo dump. Break into offices and computer systems and generally cause security alerts until they open, and then sneak into the office as before. Reprogram the security robots to 'Standby' as well.

Open the three bays and search them. There is some precious Manna From Heaven in one of the bays, and three crates of Boom in case you need it.

When the area is tidy to the point that it doesn't matter if there's a security alert or not, go to the entrance near the crane.

Approach the soldier in the security office very carefully. Crouch as you enter the room and try to stay hidden. What?? It seems your evil magic has spread far.
Search the datacubes and security terminals before leaving the office. Hang around on the balcony overlooking the ship, and an MJ12 guy may appear only to be murdered in a violent insurrection by the US Navy.

"It wasn't me! It was him what done it!"

Go downstairs and talk to the Immoral Mechanics, who are once again on top form. Get onto the ship using the crane or the ramp, depending on how you feel and kill everyone you meet. Grab some cough mixture for Dowd and any other goodies you fancy. Don't forget the vent system can save you many lockpicks and multitools.

Apply the upgrade in the safe to your Vision Enhancement, and you will now have All-Seeing-Eye capability (you can see through walls!). Steal the money from the Captain's room, it will almost reimburse the cost of the LAMs.

For amusement value, try to blow the five weld points solely by throwing crates of Boom at them. You will need to heal yourself a lot if you do it this way.

Terminate the PSS Wallflower and don't worry about Attack Helicopter.. he has 30 minutes to get clear.
Tong will tell you to take the vent system.. this is one of the worst pieces of advice he ever gives you. Ignore him and go back out the usual way (i.e. the front door) then take the crane to where Black Helicopter is waiting for you. You may find it amusing to use your Legs to jump onto Black Helicopter's back, but make sure you save first.

A giant blender


Wielding the sword, have the gatekeeper let you in and then promptly cut off his head (this makes Dowd laugh). Open the painting (1234) and smash the strange gizmo. Put the gatekeeper in one of the holes in the ground, neatly prepared for him.

Now go into Dowd's grave and look for him.

Pick over the place carefully before talking to Dowd because the shit comes down when you do. There is a LAM in the NW tomb. Disappear into the tunnels and break a few heads.

Gay Paris

In Paris, you start on the top of a skyscraper. You can get some interesting results by shooting GEP or Manna rounds straight in the air.. they will hit the sky and detonate.
Break open the shed you find using as violent a means as is practical. Inside is a book which contains the code you need and a very disturbing, incoherent note at the end of the page.
Looking at the ramparts, notice the little windows. You should be able to see the compound where you will later emerge. Taking your sniper rifle, terminate as many of the three commandos as you can. A single bullet for each one should be sufficient (assuming you have the accuracy and skill).

Go down the lift and talk to the woman. Go through the radiation chamber, using Regeneration to keep yourself alive. Recharge using the robot and go down the hatch. Something terrible happens inside your head and Icarus 0wNz your brain with an Outlook Express exploit that he found on a kewl warez site.

If you have a nano-sword, cut the four greasels into little strips. Otherwise you will have to Assault them or use similar weaponry. When they are dead, report back to the woman. Her cats may get cooked from the inside out by the hard radiation, but at least they won't be eaten. As a gesture of thanks she gives you a bundle o' skill points.

Go through the tunnels. If there are any Commandos left, hunt them down (they make circular patrols around the buildings). If you find the key to the Catacombs that's cool, but unnecessary. First, go into the Metro.
Talk to or ignore the arms dealer, and look for a vent on the right-hand wall opposite him. Go through the vent and look at the turnstiles. When the robot comes along it will see you and become agitated, but will be unable to shoot you because of the grill in the way.

The robot will eventually approach the grill, and stamp on it. Be prepared to escape as this happens or you will catch a lot of lead. Now the robot has helpfully opened the way, wait until it leaves and then kill the troops with a fatal bullet wound to the shoe. If you're very lucky, the robot may turn on its masters. Follow the robot sneakily so it does not notice you, and rush past when this is unavoidable. Get any cool stuff from the crates and shut down the ATM camera so you can raid them unmolested. Check the public terminals for an update on your crimes, and something creepy.

Once the troops are dead, you can get a bargain or two from the dealer. The recoil mod is cheapest and probably most useful. Use it on the assault rifle to help stop it wandering.

Now we must turn our attention to The House. There seems to be no way in except the front door, which will need a GEP round or similar device to remove it unless you're swimming in lockpicks.

In the basement there is a repairbot. Elsewhere there's various knick-knacks and some money. But in the office, which can be accessed most easily by breaking the window, wait for the phone to ring and pick it up. Now it gets very creepy. Someone has obviously been reading Neuromancer.

Anyway. Go to the Catacombs. Don't use the front door, the back is perfectly adequate. Smash the barricade with your sword, or a similar means. As you approach the hole, you may gain enough skill points to attain master level riflery. Do this and then go down the hole.


In the catacombs, use your All-Seeing-Eye ability to look for people through walls. If you approach a trooper-shape, shoot it in the head as soon as your crosshairs allow. Otherwise keep on until you see a guy in a trenchcoat through the wall.. he's the head of the resistance. Once you locate him, switch off the Eyes and enter the bunker.

Talk to them and agree to rescue some people. You can navigate by Eye, because the greatest concentration of foes will be the right path. If you choose to do this, remember it consumes an obscene amount of energy. There is a repairbot up a ladder.. find it because it will be most useful. It also has some rounds of Manna, and crates of Boom which you can throw at people and/or the lasergrid. Again, to free the hostages, turn on your Eyes and shoot anything that moves in the head. When there is no-one to resist anymore, search for keys and unlock the inner bunker. If you get lost easy, follow them home (possibly using the Eyes).

Once the leader is happy, grab a crate of Boom, recharge and head to the sewers. Once you go through into Paris proper, dump the box so it can be retrieved easily and climb the ladder to freedom. Do not leave the box near the ladder in case you fall off (messy!) and do not open the drain immediately because there's a load of people out there.

Save and open the drain carefully. Using your Eyes, find the commandos and any other troopers and shoot them dead. Keep retreating back down the drain.. some of the troopers may also fall down the drain and die.
Use the riot prod on the dog to make it go away, and keep on killing until the robot is no longer amused.

When the robot becomes awkward, find the other drain and pop up there. Snipe any commandos you can see and make your way to the shed nearby. Hack the computer and switch off the robots. Now you are well on the way to owing Paris.

For amusement, grab a dead MJ12 commando and head towards the hostel. Activate your legs and run towards the policemen, jumping over their heads. The combination of the body and your impossible actions will provoke some rather interesting responses.
It may also amuse you to break into the hostel rooms, which causes Ike to scold you.

"It's happened again!"

If any of the police turn on you, stick them with tranquiliser darts or the cattle prod. Otherwise, explore and grab any useful junk you can.

Check out the arms dealer's house. The arms dealer is furry, has four legs and doesn't say much. Grab the accuracy mod and add it to whatever you fancy. If you're using version 1.002f or similar, throwing knives do 25 hits each and are rapid fire! Otherwise, don't bother.

Open the chest carefully with a GEP to avoid harming the dealer and grab the goodies therein.
If you are in the mood, go next door and bother the couple. Smash the chair out from under the woman and destroy everything in the room. They won't notice.

Find Reyes and get the root password for Gunther's brain. When everything else has been done, find the club.

There are many ways to approach the club. You can fork out 300, or you can smash the window and shoot the doorman with a flare dart to make him get out of the way. I prefer to blow up the back door with a GEP round.

Inside the club, be sure to look at the bouncers. They look tough but so far as I can tell are utterly defenceless and will not open fire or defend themselves in any manner at all, even when attacked.

Now go and find Nicolette. If you can't remember what she looks like, a variation of the Kimberly diamond test works. If you kill everyone you see, the only one left alive will be Nicolette, because she can't die.

Once everything else is done, talk to Nicolette and leave.

Chateau DuClare

Break in by going round the back and smashing the wooden barracade with the sword or similarly high-end gear. As you run around the house, you should get two very interesting messages from Evil Icarus.

Don't unlock Beth's bedroom. Instead, head to the kitchen and get in the dumbwaiter. Go up to Beth's bedroom and after about 30 seconds, Nicolette will enter the bedroom. Get all the good stuff and go out. Wait! The door's still locked!

JM: How did she do that??
IM: She's very clever.

Now, go down into the cellar and through to the WW2 bunker. There is a barrel of Boom, which will come in handy later on, and a passage blocked by wood. It isn't blocked to you, though.

Crawl under the first part, and then activate your Matrix legs. Jump onto the wood and then crawl down to get past the first bit.

Now something really amazing happens. Nicolette, finding she is left alone, will charge towards the barracade and destroy it by unknown means. Do the same for the next barracade. She certainly is very clever! Investigate Beth's spy network and summon Everett.

Another stunning entrance from Nicolette

Leave the augmentation alone, but apply the Upgrade to your Regeneration system.

Everett will want you to get some gold for him in a nearby MJ12 cathedral. To get there you must go to the crypt, which is now full of Commandos. Go back and take the barrel of Boom with you. With luck there should only be two commandos between you and the crypt.

Snipe the first one in the head, it should take just one shot. Now take the Boom to the crypt and throw it at the other commando.

MJ12: I've got a bogey!
JCD: Not for long!
('booger' is the nearest American equivalent)

If your legs came off again, slither back to Beth's lab with your Regeneration service running. By the time you arrive the leg(s) should have regrown. Recharge yourself with the repairbot and go back down the sewers.

Cathedral of Sin

This is fairly straightforward. Listen to the pretty music (especially when you die) and jump over the gate using your Class IV legs. As soon as you see any MJ12 people, blow their heads off with your rifle. Shut down the big, lumbering robot using the terminal, and don't forget to stand on the basketball of perpetual motion to start it spinning forever.

If you need to recharge, go down into the subway ignoring the cries of protest inside your head. Smash open one of the disused sections and you can go to a repairbot.. the police don't care about vandalism.

Entering the Cathedral grounds, kill any troops and sneak round the right-hand side to the trellis. Climb up it, and onto the library. On your left you should see a window, where a trooper is standing.

    Find a safe spot on the roof of the Library where the robots can't
    see you but you can still hear the trooper babbling to himself.
    Take your mouse apart, and remove the ball.  Flick the horizontal
    roller so that it spins rapidly and the trooper's voice should have
    a cool Leslie effect.  Gunther, tracking you by satellite, should
    by rights wonder what in Hell you're playing at.

    (Leslie speakers: rotating speaker cabinet used with Hammond organs,
     Fender pianos and Mellotrons.  Look up Keith Emerson with The Nice
     for some amusing trivia.)
Very carefully, jump onto the buttress near the window and kill the trooper. Climb up and go around the ledge to the bridge between the two towers.
Snipe the riflemen and pick up their ammo. Go to where the window trooper was. Search his body and throw it out the window to where the robots are patrolling. If you throw a body off the bridge while a robot is going past, the reaction can be quite entertaining.

"Take a look at your Gods. Take a good look!"

Go down into the kitchen where Swelter, the evil chef from Castle Gormenghast, is trying to prepare a meal. Talk to him and using your magic touch, persuade him to betray MJ12 (as they go, he is quite resistant to subversion).

Go into the basement to find the Gold. Smash the crates and pocket anything that looks nice. There is a scope mod here too.. attach it to your GEP if you haven't already done so.

Hunter German and the Proximity Mine of Mystery

Go down carefully into the data vault. On the way down, place two mines (in the same spot) on the left-hand wall (as you go down). Go and poke your nose at Gunther so he starts to run towards you. Quickly, run up the stairs and he will explode messily. If you just use one LAM, he will go mad (and if you then throw LAMs at him from the upstairs balcony he may speak from beyond the grave in a similar manner to Nevarre. Only managed it once..).

Place a LAM just above the holographic projector (or alternatively, stack two crates of ambroisa so his image is blocked) and hack the terminal. Go figure!

The Proximity Mine of Mystery

Once you're done, go down the subway and recharge before taking some very hard drugs and waking up in Everett's house.

  IDM: The subway police just shot you to crap!  That didn't happen before!
  JPM: I wasn't lugging around a dead MJ12 commando before!

Captain Kremmen

At Kenny Everett's house, root around and steal everything that looks good. Apply the Upgrade to your Aggressive Defence System.
It may be amusing to throw a LAM or two into the aquarium so there is just one single fish swimming around.

When you're done talking to Everett, enter the helipad, and trip over the body of a murdered mechanic. Talk to the Odd Mechanic, and then to Everett. The Odd Mechanic is guilty of the attempted murder of you and Black Helicopter, and his punishment must be severe. Shoot the fuel drums he's leaning on.

If you deem this punishment is not sufficiently harsh, a just alternative is that he should sleep with the fishes. Talk to the Odd Mechanic once more and tranquilise him. Take the sleeping form down into the aquarium and leave it to drown in the underpass between the two halves of the tank.

Now board Black Helicopter for a pleasant flight without that nagging worry of sabotage.

Vandenberg Concerto No.3

Some of you may be aware of a bug involving the power generator, that can be used to get unlimited amounts of skill and turn you into Jesus for the price of an hour's worth of typing '5868' into the generator.
This is just the sort of bug I'm always looking out for, but we are not going to use it. Two words.. "Kill Switch".

The win32 version of Deus Ex (and the Linux version was cancelled, goddammit) seems to have an internal limit to the total number of Skill Points you can have, both spent and available.
Once this limit is achieved, the program will crash the next time you save or leave the current zone. (This was NOT fixed by the latest patch.)

I do not know what the total amount of skill points you can have is, but if you make yourself Master of about 7 skills, the engine will die the next time you complete a goal. Even if you boosted just a couple of things, you'll run the risk of your 'Kill Switch' overdosing at the very end of the game with no possibility of escape.

Anyway. Go to the eastern edge of the roof and cripple the two security robots with EMP grenades. Then jump off the south side, using your legs.

Kill everyone you meet and make your way to the west side, where the fuel tanks are. There also a back door east into the building. Power up the generator, and then climb up the tanks to pick over the two dead snipers.
Now climb along the fuel pipe and go up into the shadowy balcony. You'll get 75 free air miles, and two crates containing LAWs.

Take one of the LAWs and use it to open the back door in an astonishing display of overkill and decadence. Pick up the weapon you dropped to use the LAW and go down and in through the (now vapourised) back door.

Go into reception and choose the southern exit, to the lab. Jump over the laserbeams using your Legs and slay the troopers. In the flooded lab, find the security console and reprogram the gun turrets to kill in your name.
Pick up the augmentation and install Cloaking. Notice that by careful management of the augmentations, we are able to have both Cloaking and Radar-Invisibility (this is not normal) so you can theoretically be invisible to all life.

Using one of the sofas, block the lower beam of the security grid and sneak back under it.

Go back to reception and into the northern hall, where an MiB and some of his mates are hanging out. Kill them all (the box of Boom on a trolley offers some amusing possibilities) and anyone else who Gets In The Way.

Once this area is quiet, go back to the reception and dance around in front of the camera until the alarm sounds. Outside, two commandos are watching the cosmic rays instead of keeping watch. Shoot one in the back with a pistol to annoy him and lead him into reception where he will be torn apart by the gun turret. The other one has probably not noticed the murder of his comrade so shoot him too and lead him to the turret. Make certain that the alarm isn't about to stop before you go and fetch him, though.

Outside, make sure you disabled the two neat security robots with EMP devices, and blow up the ugly military robots with Heavenly Manna. Then go into the comms building (but take your time or the occupants will murder you as a reward for saving them) and blow up the lockers in the back room with a GEP. Apply the upgrade to your cranial defences for some seriously cool stuff later on.

Now do the tunnels. There's an augmentation upgrade on a dead Mechanic in the flooded generator room. Apply it to regeneration or the recirculator.

In the stores, you can find some rockets, and with a bit of trickery involving your Legs and Arms and the bridge, you can also get one of the barrels of Boom. However, when you try taking it up the ladder and out of the tunnels it turns into a pillar of salt (it's worth doing this just to see that happen!)

The strange transmutation of the Barrel of Boom

Now go into the control room, where Savage Gary is trying to make the Universal Constructor software work on his mid-sixties Honeywell mainframe.

The billion-dollar brain

Fix the computer and something Really Bad happens. Now you must go to the garage. Find Black Helicopter, who will be at the base entrance and fly away.

The garage is pretty trivial, so it's on to the Ocean Lab.

(JCD has just attained Master level shotgun at the garage, and discovers
 he can now take out Commandos with a single, well-aimed shot.
 The following is short piece of reverie, bordering on madness:)

JCD: You made me too strong, Page!  I am the rifle king!  The shotgun messiah!
     I shall conquer the world!

MJ12 Trooper:  Who's out there??


MJ12 Trooper: ..urk..

The Ocean Lab

First, we need a sub. Ignore the robots. Kill the charlie on patrol and steal his keys. Wander around the base killing enemies until you get to the URV access lift in Module 2. Go to the back side of the lift, where there's a lockpick and some batteries in a pair of crates.
Now stand on the window for a fun little dance.

The dancing room

When you're done, go down the lift and program the turrets to kill in your name. Now set off the alarm and have the guns shred the MJ12 people.
Ignore everyone else and hack the terminal by the Immoral mechanic. Open the pod bay doors and drive off.

The Lab itself is totally crocked. You will probably have to GEP a number of security systems. In the ammo dump (locked door, apparently no key) you will find some Manna, Rifle rounds and a few other goodies.

You will have swim around in the greasel tanks now. If you see any, they can be turned to soup with a LAM. Make your way to the construction facility.

To get into the crew areas, you'll need to steal a key from a huge Karkian or two. This will hurt.. I suggest using GEP or Manna to obliterate them. Once you've sorted out the karkians and the insane turrets, go down the lift to the UC room. (There's a good book about UCs in the crew area)

At about this point, Bob Page announces his intention to become God.. I want a piece of that.
Now, deactivate the security grid and you shouldn't have any problems with the spiderbots. However, you will probably need to sling a round or two of Manna From Heaven at the ultraspider.

Universal Contractor

Go up to the UC, stopping on the way to relieve a dead MiB of his upgrade. Apply it to anything.. I would suggest either Regeneration or Recirculation.

Up the lift is a retracted bridge. We could just jump over the thing, but there is a box of Boom that we need to have. You'll need to destroy the turrets as well.. a scope-equipped GEP is handy for this kind of job. Get the schematics and take the Boom down.

Page will appear holographically so put the Boom down first. He laughs at you and gives vague hints about your impending demise and the erasure of Vandenburg.
Take the Boom back up the lift to the crew module, where Walton Simons appears in a Vision and starts making threatening speeches.

Take the crate of Boom through the dark red tunnels and stop by the door. Simons is waiting outside. He is very dangerous in combat, so we'll have to cheat.

First, put the Boom down (gently) and select your Assault Rifle. This is for preparation: make sure it is set to fire shots of Manna From Heaven and not bullets. Once it's ready, put the gun away and pick up the Boom again.

Save. Now switch on Recirculation, Legs and possibly Regeneration.
Open the door and go out slowly, facing right. As he speaks, you'll automatically throw the Boom at Simons. It will maim him (and very possibly break your legs), but the best bit is that he will be stunned, and runs about like a confused chicken.

Before he recovers, whip out the Assault Rifle and kibble him (There isn't much good stuff on his body anyway). Regenerate and shut your Legs down. You may need to go back to the UC lab to recharge.

Then leave the labs, killing everyone who gets in the way. Up back to the roof of the base, where Black Helicopter and Savage Gary are waiting for you. Get the upgrade off Savage, and then fly away leaving him stranded on the roof.

The Temple of Siloh

First, you must get inside. You can't jump over the fence, so go around until you find a guard hut. There are three troopers inside, gambling. Gambling is a sin, so break one of the windows and throw a LAM into it.

Groo greets the troopers in his usual friendly manner

Now grab all the goodies you can find (upstairs there is a third floor, opened by the keypad). There is a walkway leading into the complex. Go down the walkway and use your Legs to jump onto the building. Kill any resistance and pillage it.

There is also a building with a repairbot in. You have to jump onto the building and go through the top entrance because the ground floor is blocked. Go inside and recharge.
In the floor of the repair shed is a grating which leads down to the missile centre. Use it.

Go through the bulkhead doors, and find the one marked 'launch command'. Go inside.
Reprogram the missile launch control to nuke Area 51. We will ignore for now the political impact of a million tons of intensely radioactive sand raining down on Russia, China, Europe or the Middle-East, or poisoning the US coastlines.

Now go back out through the bulkheads and find the one marked 'missile silo'.

When you enter the tunnel, Page will taunt you again, so don't go in.
Instead, lean around the corner and using your sniper rifle, pick off the Commandos and MiBs. When all four are dead, loot the corpses and enter the missile chamber.

"I'm a thousand years old, and in my time I have helped commit a million murders.."
-- The Myrat-Sade

On a higher floor, there is another MiB. Kill him and head for the highest floor (6). Jump onto the railings and look down. You should see the yellow of a cherry-picker with a man down there. Go around until you are just above him and jump onto his head. Don't forget to switch on your legs during the fall or you'll make a funny pattern on the floor.

When you land, Strong Howard will, rather understandably, die. Page will curse you again. Look around for any rockets or other goodies you want and go up the ladder. Open the hatch and talk to Black Helicopter.

History is Bunk

Were you there to watch the Earth be scorched?
Did you stand beside the spectral torch?
Know the leaves of sorrow turn their face,
Scattered on the ashes of disgrace.

-- Tarkus: Emerson Lake & Palmer


Now we have turned a large tract of desert into radioactive glass, the most sensible thing in the world is to land there and walk around in it.

Snipe the sniper that Black Helicopter warns you about and head towards the door of the tower he's standing in.

Now we are well on the way to becoming the new messiah, an authentic Galilee miracle is exactly what we need to demoralise Page.
Go to the tower and stand in front of the door. Activate your level IV aggressive defence engine, and there will now be a white flash as the door explodes by the power of your mind.

Go upstairs and open the bunker door. Go to the smaller bunker with the satellite dish and go downstairs. Get the Upgrade and any good stuff.

An alternative method of entry is to go down the fan in one of the hangars. Don't forget to blow up the fan blades first, or you'll be sporting the chutney look this summer.

Take on the bunker. Exactly what you do depends on which path you took to get in. Make your way to sector 3, using the holoprojectors as you find them.
From sector 3, go to the Aquinas Hub. Dowd will talk to you and Page will call him a senile old fool.

Have a chat with Helios and it all comes clear..


Among the sins and crimes of Brother Michael, the one that seemed to me most foul was, in short, that the aforementioned Minorite had proclaimed that Saint Thomas Aquinas was not a saint nor did he enjoy eternal salvation, but was, on the contrary, damned and in a state of perdition!
-- The Name of the Rose

Everybody wants to rule the world

You are offered four choices.

  1. Kill Page, join the Illuminati and rule the world in secret.
  2. Blow up the lab, destroy the world infrastructure and collapse civilisation, beginning a new dark age.
  3. Merge with Helios and become the Holy Trinity. A perfect blend of machine and man to rule the world with logic, unfettered by greed and ambition.
  4. Do nothing, and allow Bob Page to immanentize the eschaton. This is Bad and presumably what happens if you die.
Option 2 is right out.. this IS the worst suggestion Tong ever gives you. You're augmented; without 21st century technology you probably won't last another decade. Also this path would have dire consequences for the Lesser Black Helicopter population, which require technology to feed and human intervention as part of their reproductive process.

Option 1 is quite tempting, but it requires a bit more work. Dowd, Everett, DeBeers and company will have to be eliminated, for instance. And what fun is ruling the world if nobody knows about it?

It has to be the third option.. Apotheosis!

Anyway. Go back upstairs and hide in the alcoves that the robots come out of. Cower there until everyone else is dead (your Eyes should tell you) and then go south. There are more enemies out there, so wait until you start to catch a little fire and then go back into the hidey-hole. Wait for the MiB to explode.

Jump across the gorge to get some more rockets if you need them, and kill the ultraspider. Now head to sector 4.

Red Sector A

Make your way in, and talk to Page. Go down to the lowest floor, and switch off the UC (use a GEP to enter the control room). Kill off all the fauna and head to the NW control room.

Go into the coolant pump room. Page will lose control utterly and give a most remarkable speech. Helios will tell you not to go in there. Now we've heard Page's speech, go to the NE room, which leads to the routing station.

Switch on the stuff as per Helios' instructions. Page will turn apoplectic.

Ignore him and go back to the booth in Sector 3: it's Jesus Time.
Soon you will have power-over-all, and Bob Page will have bugger-all.
As a cyborg, you are destined to rule the world in wisdom and benevolence..

Naah. Black Helicopter, take me to Washington. I have an accession speech to make to my subjects.

Bits and Bobs

IM: But you've lost one of your legs!
JM: I don't care, I've got another!  I *haven't* got another bomb!

UN:  We had to execute the prisoners.  They wouldn't talk.
JCD: Somebody told me that before.  I destroyed their soul.

MJ12: I could have sworn...
Groo: You will!

JM: (screaming at the lift doors)  Open, Mother____er!!!
IM: Open Sesame.  The word 'Mother____er' does not appear in the Arabian Nights.

JM: I set fire to the rat, and then the robots killed me..

JM: Two legs good!  No legs bad!

Music that means something:

"See the gun, pick it up, and all day long you'll have good luck." (KMFDM)

"Is this the kind of work you'd like to do?" (Front-242)

"Sickness to insanity.. Prayer to profanity..." (Rush)

"I'm a bomb set off without warning.." (Spock's Beard)

"Blood is black in the moonlight.." (Bal-Sagoth)

"Kill everything. Kill everything. Bomb the living bejeepers out of those forces." (KMFDM)

"I'll give you the names of those you must kill; all must die with their children." (Genesis)

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