Deus Ex - Things Never Seen

A further trip into the weird and the wonderful

(Designed for 1024x768)


This was written using Deus Ex 1.014f. Other versions may or may not act in the same way.

Project Paul

First thing to try is this. As soon as the game starts, do NOT talk to Paul. Wait for him to approach and then run around him. Alex will scold you, but keep on running. Run past the NSF terrorists and don't stop until you reach the stack of crates. Climb up it and Paul will stand there like a lemon.

"Keep away from me, you maniac!"

Do not throw crates around to try and make Paul go away. If three crates hit his head in succession, he will explode into a violent killing frenzy with you as the target. Duck, hide, or better yet, don't do it in the first place.

You might find it interesting to go into the statue building now. If you go downstairs for any length of time, Paul will suddenly burst in through the (locked) doors. But what is really interesting is when the alarm goes off and the turret starts firing. It shoots at Paul by preference, not you, and it will cause Paul to go totally apeshit and try to kill you.

As ever, Paul's mood swings are over quickly and he will once again try to interest you in a second hand GEP or crossbow.


Get to the NSF generator installation and remove all opposition except for the dobermen (they can be useful, and they are easy to keep out since they don't open doors).

Blow up the generator and make your way to Black Helicopter on the roof. Make sure that you have some LAMs (there are many to be found throughout the level).

Now, when you are ready to leave, walk up to Black Helicopter and throw the LAMs to the ground. Talk to Black Helicopter very quickly so that you get on board just as the LAMs detonate. The game will lay out your corpse and the funeral music will begin.

When you arrive at UNATCO you will look like this:

No body. Just two arms and a head.

Revenge of the Dobermen

The effect can be further refined by shaving off surplus limbs prior to detonation.
The most effective way of achieving this is to find a doberman and persuade them to eat you. If you can lead a dog into the computer room of the generator building this is probably best.
Once all the windows are blown out you can crouch on the windowsill, and expose only the limbs that you wish to be eaten. You can also crawl away quickly once the dog has done his work.

Legs are fairly easy; if the doberman won't eat them you can always jump down too far and break them. Arms should be eaten. If you wish to weaken your head as well, the best way is to find a manhole, bring the dog to it and then close the manhole over yourself so that you are stuck and your head is the only thing protruding above the manhole that the dog can eat.

Eat my head

The dogs will tend to move around and therefore may accidentally try to eat your torso. For this reason, it is good to have a supply of medikits, since you can apply them selectively to your torso, and not the limbs. If you are not careful your torso will probably be destroyed and you will die before the operation can be completed.

Once you have reduced yourself as far as you see fit, do the LAM/helicopter routine again.

Things to do in UNATCO when you're dead

If you look at your health display (difficult to screenshot) you will notice that you have something like -133 health points on your torso.
However the game won't notice that you're actually dead unless you get hurt. If you stumble into a brazier in the Battery Park II mission for example, JC will scream and suddenly drop stone dead.

Talking to NPCs can also have odd effects. Speaking to Anna Navarre can sometimes cause the game to twig that JC has died, but it doesn't actually know what to do. After the conversation JC will stand there unable to move. In fact the only thing he can do is shoot, which will usually hit Anna but she doesn't fight back because JC is dead. This will cause the camera to pan strangely until your gun is no longer pointing at Anna.

If you had more than about 2 LAMs the chances are that JC is still holding one. This is a disaster.. he can't use the LAMs for some strange reason, and he can't drop them or equip another weapon because the remaining LAMs are glued to his hand. (He will wave them threateningly at Anna if you speak to her). The only cure for this condition is either to heal JC back to the land of the living, or to ensure that you use all your LAMs in the attack on Black Helicopter.

"Jock's Helicopter" takes JC's head back to UNATCO. In a bucket.

The Vandenberg Effect

While playing around with the Vandenberg research labs, I found something very interesting, and very nasty. Prepare to take Denton to the twilight zone.. this will not be a pleasant journey.

Once you have disposed of a suitable number of enemies, head towards the base entrance.

I suggest taking out the two military robots as a bare essential. Stunning or otherwise neutralising the two security robots is also a sensible precaution, although not strictly necessary.

Building site

Now, we will need some crates.. I trust you have the Arm augmentation.
Switch on your Arms and nab one of the large-ish crates. You'll find some on the northern side of the complex.

(As usual, cheat by pressing the crate against a wall and turning off
 your Arms, thus allowing you to carry the crate with no power drain.)
Take the crate towards the base entrance and place it just outside the inner gate, as shown below.

This is your escape route out of the universe

If you don't have any Arms, I guess you _could_ push it to where it has to go, but you'll need a good supply of patience for a trick like that.

Once you've got the big crate in place, get one of the little ones too, and place it on the larger one. Once in place, turn your legs on to max and jump onto the wall, via the crates. If you can't jump high enough, look for some more small crates and build a taller tower.

Over the wall we go

Okay, you should be facing east.

Now, drop down onto the outer perimeter and head due South until you come to the edge of a cliff. Turn on your Legs to soften the blow, and jump down.

We are now officially out-of-bounds. You will notice that the floor consists of a fascinating substance which absorbs light, so your headlamps will be of no use. It will help immensely if you turn up the brightness on your monitor so that you can see everything more clearly.

Out-of-bounds (EXTREMELY colour corrected)

Now save, preferably in a different slot. Head west, moving slowly and gently, so as not to frighten the game. Eventually, IT will happen.

If you moved too quickly, Denton has probably been turned inside-out. In which case, reload and try again.

If not, you will have heard something like 'ugh!' and the screen has gone kind of red. Don't try to move, but pan the mouse gently.
You will notice that moving the mouse in some directions makes the screen become more red. Don't do that, it's dangerous.

Instead, gently tweak the mouse until it becomes less red, and instead you see spinning fragments of the level. Freak out!

This composite image is about the closest you can get on a web page

When you get bored, turn the mouse to the 'red' position and try to move. Denton will be killed in a mysterious and horrible way.

Fun With Simons.. Violence at the Ocean Lab

You can do a lot of things with Walton Simons, but far and away the best possibilities are offered at the Ocean Lab. I'll get back to the other stuff later.

UC, Take One

We have already covered crate-of-Boom-throwing in the walkthrough. However, you can also set a trap for him, thus:

Go down to the UC, and get the schematics. While you're down there, blow up one of the ceiling fans, which will explode and fill the room with vast pieces of metal ten times the mass of the actual fan.

As you return to the lift, this happens...

Actual screenshot!

..and as the lift ascends, Simons will continue to taunt you even though he has already been vapourised.

UC, Take Two

I wondered if I could feed Simons to the Karkians instead. So, rather than disposing of the beasts, I left them around in hopes that they would turn on him.

Unfortunately, when I returned, I was faced instead with a most unholy alliance:

See that dark stain on the ground? That's you, that is.

UC, Take Three

This time, I decided not to kill Simons at all. When he showed up, I simply ran like hell. That got boring, particularly since he didn't see me leave and kept wandering around in the main cave muttering curses at me.

So I decided to lead him on a trail instead. I kept ducking back so that he could see me again, and eventually persuaded him to enter the flooded sections. I didn't know he could swim, though.

Simons takes a bath

At this point I decided I really liked the combat music, and climbed up the ladder to enjoy it without Simons actually being able to harm me, since only JC is able to climb ladders.

Simons swims around waving with his Dragon's Tooth sword. If you get Denton in the right position, Simons will hit an odd angle and his head will go underwater. A little later he will start to make gurgling sounds.. I guess he passed on the Aqualung upgrade. What I haven't been able to do is to get him to drown, although at one stage he came close enough to panic, whereupon he became invisible and started thrashing.

If you want a trophy, you can stick him with a tranq dart at this point and bring him along for the ride.

Simons is hung out to dry

Alternatively, you can do this:

Get out of that one!

..which is pointless but amusing. If you leave Simons be, he will turn up again at the bunker. If you run away at that point, he just gives up.

Do-It-Yourself Jesus

Once you've returned from the ocean lab, make your way to the control tower. There are two things you must do first:

  1. Ensure that your backpack is completely full.
  2. One of your posessions MUST be an Upgrade cannister.
    The one from the dead MIB in the UC room will do fine.
Once there are no gaps, go onto the roof and you'll find Savage Gary and Black Helicopter waiting for you. Now the magic happens.

When Savage tries to give you your little present, he can't. But Denton takes it anyway, and throws it on the floor.
Savage doesn't notice this, and when you talk to him again, he'll give you another canister. Cool!

By doing this repeatedly, you can obtain enough cannisters to give you 100% power on all augmentations, and there's still enough left over to build pretty glowing towers.

If you wish to confuse the hell out of Savage, turn up on the roof carrying a dead scuba diver.
Savage will run up to talk to you, but the corpse will cause him to run away again and he will dart back and forth like a headless chicken.

Personal Jesus

I am told that in earlier versions of Deus Ex, you gain about 200 skill points for each time you talk to Savage, and you can in fact turn yourself into Jesus, _without_ the 'kill switch' issue!

Unfortunately the patch version I'm using, which works around some problems with Windows XP (the Devil-OS) has also corrected this little 'problem', and I haven't yet seen it demonstrated.

Note: 'AntiCheese' reports that this works on the 'Big Bytes' release, which is version 1.112fm.

Bombs away

While we're up on the roof, there's an interesting little trick you can do with some bombs. I discovered this while attempting to assassinate Savage in a fit of rage at being unable to reproduce the Jesus Effect.

Go to the door which leads back down to the complex. Stand outside, and shut the door. Now attach as many LAMs as you can onto the door, and open it. Whee!

Bombs away!

This gives a visually appealing (and physically impossible) death-trap.
Although it's slightly disappointing that opening the door doesn't set off the explosives, it does give a staged explosion that can turn people into mush with devastating potency (unless their name is Gary Savage, unfortunately.)

Welcome.. To The Real World.

When you get to the NSF Headquarters mission in New York, there is something quite interesting to behold.

As you approach the base, near the concrete barricades there is a concrete wall with a gap. As you walk through the gap you are transferred to the NSF headquarters map. Do this.

Now turn around, to go back into the main NYC map. But instead of walking, crouch. Scuttle along on your knees, and keep going.

Crawl through the portal between worlds

Something's wrong.. we should be in the other map by now.

Keep on going until you touch the wall, then stand up and look around. Oh're still in NSF-land. This is not how it should be!

To your left (from the walls) you'll find a somewhat sparse copy of the barricade, and against a striking background, the only other living man.

The only living boy in New York

He is an exact duplicate of the 'real guy' in the other world. Since the real barricade guy invariably gets shot, it's always handy to have a spare.

So, what else have we got? To your right, there's a stack of crates. Like the sentry, this is a duplicate of the crates in the 'real world'. You can rob both sets, and get two medical kits, which is handy.

Shoot the dustbin bags and release the rats so they can inhabit this empty land.

Imaginary landscape No.4


Imaginary landscape No.5

Welcome To The Real World.. Part Two

On the Bunker mission, you may notice a few flames in one of the corners of the map. By crawling across the ledge with a few crates it is fairly easy to build a small tower that will allow you to get close to the flames.

Unfortunately the flames don't stand up to close scrutiny:

From behind

Side view

..more evidence of budget cuts in the Matrix.

Make your own Undead Seagull

Once I had the sniper rifle on the first mission, I decided, for some truly inexplicable reason to shoot one of the seagulls and I discovered something rather interesting.

If you shoot one of the seagulls on or over the dock, the bird will fall out of the sky and lie rather pathetically on the dock in a pool of blood.

If, however, you shoot one of the seagulls over the sea, this will cause two rather peculiar effects.
Firstly, Corporal Collins will say "I don't understand! What are you doing?". Secondly, the seagull will fall into the sea and become physically immortal.

The bird will swim around, flapping its wings underwater, splashing and blowing little bubbles. I find that they tend to swim away from the docks, although they have also been known to try and circle the island.

The most intriguing aspect has to be the fact that the bird cannot die. Swimming after the gull and hitting it with a crowbar will not have any effect. A GEP round from the dock will cause no harm either and a sniper round is way out. The gull cannot drown either, although you can in fact stand upon the bird while it is underwater.

Targetting the immortal seagull from the docks

I believe I managed to get this to happen to an MJ12 trooper in the submarine base too. I shot a round of Manna (HE20) above his head, expecting the round to kibble him, but instead it knocked him bodily off the gangplank and into the water, where he bobbed around like a corpse except that:

Submarine Sandwich

In the submarine pen, there is a thin strip of wood below all the ladders. If you can stand on this and run around, JC Denton will make a most gollum-like splishing sound with his webbed feet.

If you board the ship via the ramp and manage to fall off the opposite side of the boat, you will be rewarded for this dazzling display of incompetence with 20 'skill' points.

If in the ammunition store, you use a LAW to blow open the east-side door up on the catwalk, you will be awarded 30 vandalism points for this totally uncalled-for act of violence. Unless you're very unlucky this act will also blow open the guard on the other side of it.

If you have seven LAMs, try attaching them to a metal surface in quick succession. Listen to the metallic sounds as each LAM is attached.. I did this one day and heard the first few bars of 'Yankee Doodle'.

Fun with Simons.. and UNATCO

The other chief venue for messing with Simons is at UNATCO. There's simple stuff, like throwing plant-pots at him or shooting him in the back of the head (twice) and then running like doom to the safety of Black Helicopter (the attempted assassination does not appear on your UNATCO record).

What we are about to do will bring the entire base to its knees.

Setting the Scene

You want to be at UNATCO on the third visit, when Paul has gone AWOL and you have been tasked with finding the lost shipments of Ambrosia creamed rice pudding.

Visit Manderley and get everything set up so as you're about to leave. Simons should be downstairs interrogating the prisoners.

If you haven't already done so, steal the keys to the upstairs broom cupboards. There is a copy in Manderley's office. The key to the medical cupboard is handy too, but you can only steal that on your first visit.

Hostility, and v-violence.

Go downstairs to the recreation area, where the vacuum cleaner is busy vacuuming and Sharron is sitting on the sofa by the water cooler.

Shunt the vacuum cleaner to the foot of the stairs, and build some kind of construction to keep it there. I use plants and sofas, although I have managed to get the entire thing to work with no rig at all.

Now run immediately the cell blocks and shoot one of the guards in the head (twice). Simons won't notice because he's too busy leaning on the prisoners.

Run back to the recreation area where the sergeant will probably say something like 'Don't worry about Anna Navarre'. Run and try to get him between you and the two pursuing guards so they shoot him instead. I must stress that everyone else present at the moment is immortal.

Run around in circles for a bit, trying to dodge the gunfire. You should find that some of the troopers are apparently firing at each other.

The sounds of gunfire from below will draw others.. Manderley, Navarre and a host of troopers will all go downstairs to the join the melee. Watch out for hostile troopers around the stairs.. you may need to jump back down and run to the medical labs to get patched up. Hiding in the cupboard is also an option.

This dangerous bit is however a temporary situation, because about now all the troops will have shifted their attention to their true enemy.


The troops, Manderley and Navarre will all be frantically trying to nail the vacuum cleaner, for no satisfactory reason. They will keep attacking until the struggling vacuum cleaner is pinned to the wall. The attackers will also tend to shoot each other by mistake, although they are too far gone to hold grudges.

When they run out of bullets, they will switch to knives:

So, virtually all of UNATCO is now frantically slashing at the vaccum cleaner. It is too low for them to hit but they don't care. Sometimes a trooper will end up standing on it but none of this matters anyway since the vacuum cleaner is just as immortal as they are.

Do not jump onto the vacuum cleaner yourself.. the others will cut you up by accident. When they have carved away both your legs they will start on your arms and torso until you are dead. I speak from experience.

You may however wish to throw a vase into the fray.. if it lands on the vacuum cleaner they will very rapidly smash it in a frenzy of hatred.


Now it is time to turn our attention to Simons, since the entire base is now preoccupied with their task of savaging the vacuum cleaner, and will not be able to assist him when we attack.

Saunter down to the prison cells, and listen to Simons until he notices you and tells you to go away. Save, and then drop a gas grenade.

The prisoners will now try to escape the gas. Simons will flip out and gun them down. Attach a LAM to the door as he does this. With luck, he should try to exit the prison cell, which will cause the LAM to fall off and explode. (If he doesn't, you'll have to reload or use another grenade.)

Go into the cell yourself and wait for the gas to disperse. Simons will say something like 'Jesus Christ, Denton.'. Wait until everything is calm and then shoot him a few times before running out of the prison cell and back to the hallway.

Simons will try to kill you, but unlike the mob trying to lynch the vacuum cleaner, he has a short attention span. Try to dive into the mob so that he shoots them instead. I must point out that Simons will not be drawn to the vacuum cleaner like the others. Consider standing right in his line of fire for a while before running back to the medical room for a patch-up.

Try not to draw Simons into the medical lab too, since there are two injured troopers there and they will try to defend him if they twig what is happening. Keep assaulting Simons and running away until he too runs out of bullets and tries to knife you. This makes things a lot easier (and safer).

False Imprisonment

Once Simons is mostly harmless, lead him upstairs (this will take several bullets to keep him interested) and open the broom cupboard. Dive inside and he will follow. If he gets stuck on the door, go out, close it and lead him past, before doubling back.

Get him to follow you into the broom cupboard, and stand there so that he begins to knife you. Then jump out and lock the door.

You can also do this to Manderley as well.. you'll have to knife him between the shoulders a couple of times in order to stop him attacking the vacuum cleaner but it can be done, and he will then try to stab you back. This is, of course, exactly what we need to lure him into the other broom cupboard.

If you have the medical cupboard key, you can also put Navarre away, leaving the key personnel bundled into various broom cupboards and the rest of the organisation out of their tree.

A final, finishing touch is to exit the base, and when the MiBs scold you over the interrogation fiasco (but not the cupboard business) shoot them.
Use your Legs to run past Black Helicopter and round, so that he is shielding you, and then climb aboard.

Project 'Atomic Fire'

Andy Centanni tipped me off with a truly fantastic trick involving LAMs.. you can stand on them.
I am totally kicking myself for not having discovered that myself. I now present how you can use this technique to climb the skyscrapers in Hong Kong.

You will need at least two LAMs, preferably three (otherwise JC will switch weapon). If you don't have enough LAMs, you can obtain three gas grenades (one from the helipad, two from the secret weapons cache in the marketplace) which will work equally well, albeit without the glamour of using fully-fledged landmines as climbing gear.

What you must do is attach a LAM to a wall, fairly low. Best if you crouch. Then you jump on to it, so that JC perches on it like some gigantic bird.
Remember that the LAMs will detonate in the presence of others, so make sure you do this somewhere private where you will not be disturbed, at least not during the beginning phase.

Once you are standing on the LAM, you can use the 'stepping-stone' trick. If you then crouch and place another LAM just to the left or right, you can then jump onto that one instead. Once that is done, you can defuse and remove the first one, and then put it back on the wall in front of you.
In this way, it is possible to climb up the wall like spiderman.

There is a refinement: if you crouch and place the mine a few inches directly above the one you're standing on, JC will automatically climb onto it, which can save you a lot of time. Make sure the angle is not too steep, otherwise you may throw the LAM instead of attaching it to the wall (this will not be fun and Christmassy).

Be sure to save regularly.. there won't be any recognisable body parts if you lose your grip, and never remove the LAM which you are actually standing on! Now, shooting the LAMs..

Take care when you approach the top of the skyscraper. Some of them are very narrow, and it is quite possible to trip over the skyscraper and fall back down the other side.
Some of the skyscrapers have a hideous blue side, and sometimes also the top. When I first climbed one of these the wall and roof looked exactly the same and I didn't understand what I was seeing (JC then fell on a passing monk, destroying both).
The other issue is that, like a cat in a tree, you can climb up, but not back down, unless you can use your Legs to fall onto a slightly lower skyscraper.

Now. What you should do, once you've perfected the technique is start the HK sequence from scratch (if you haven't already done so) and begin climbing the walls near the Luminous Path compound. On summit of the round, ribbed building you will find.. Max Chen, sleeping rough on the rooftops (thanks again, Andy!).

If you walk up to him, he will stare at the sky saying "this is the headquarters of the Red Arrows!", and a somewhat bizarre conversation ensues. If you've already sorted out the Dragon's Tooth quest, he will not be there.

"Definitive proof that he's crazy." -- Andy Centanni

Up & Atom

So, we have a clone of Max Chen on top of a tower. What can we do with it? Easy.. bring it the Dragon's Tooth. The only acceptable way to do this is by breaking into Maggie Chow's apartment (the hard way) and stealing it.

Now. There is an immediate problem with this, in that Queen's Tower has a lip all around it to prevent just this kind of thing. But it can be bypassed.

On the right-hand side of the building (facing the doors) there is a kind of concrete overpass, the one you usually smack into if you fall out of Maggie's window. With a little bit of trickery (the sofa and office chair from the Queen's Tower security room) it is possible to build a little tower so you can get on top of it.

The LAM trick won't work here because you will need to throw things onto the overpass. The little road on the left-hand-side that leads back to the canal is useful.. there's a whole load of dustbins which you can steal to build a tower with.

This is my tower:

Maggie Chow and the Tower of Power

..and from hereon, you can do the LAM trick and climb up the walls.

Take care when climbing up the walls.. if you slip or remove the wrong bomb, you will fall down causing your body to explode when it hits the tower, and your head to fall into the dustbin (I kid you not).


Now you will start to approach the window. This is cool:

When you're there, gently smash the window using your knife, or some other non-projectile weapon. This won't trigger the alarms.

What is even more cool is if you then roll a bomb into the room. Maggie will turn, and noticing Denton's head peeping in the window, utter an exclamation.. usually a very fitting one considering that you've climbed up the side of her skyscraper like spiderman.

..however, this is not necessarily how you should approach the Sword mission. I just climbed in through the window and crept into the lab. I had about 20 minitools, so you might have to fight your way in.

I then crept back to the front door, where the Maid was patiently waiting for me to arrive. I could not contrive a means of sneaking past her, so I just spoke to her (before giving her a friendly pat on the back with my cattle prod). As she stood there quivering, I escaped.

Max Chen, I presume

With the sword now in my posession, I went back to Max Chen for some rooftop negotiations.

At this point, Max Chen's phone rang and he began talking to some of the employees back at his club. Fortunately he had it set to speakerphone so JC could also hear.

They must have followed me up the wall!

Made with Midnight Commander and EDIT

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