Deus Ex - The Fourth Coming

Yet more weirdness

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This was written using Deus Ex 1.014f. Other versions may or may not act in the same way.

In the beginning

When first you enter the Underworld Club, eliminate Greene.
Do this by placing a LAM next to Greene's chair. This can be tricky but is quite possible. Once you have done this, briskly walk into the main room, and look surprised when the explosion happens. Jock might try to kill you anyway on general principles, but this doesn't always happen.


Later on, in the airport, try and annoy the guy on the roof of the hangar where Green Helicopter lives so that he walks upon the skylight. From there you can turn him from man to dogfood in two seconds flat.

There must be fifty ways to kill your brother

Or, "How to save Paul's life by filling his apartment with TNT and then accidentally setting light to it."


J.C. decides to cache the Boom in Paul's room until he can decide what to do with it.


Barrel-head lives!
Paul tells JC to get all the Boom out of his goddamn apartment before they have an accident. JC's reaction is less than controlled.


Just as they finalise the dope deal, there's a knock at the door.


...of course it might have something to do with the LAMs I left outside.


"That wasn't funny!" says Paul, as his apartment explodes.


Paul bends down to examine the red mist which his brother has just been reduced to.
He shows a complete lack of surprise and emotion when JC later turns up at the MJ12 lab, not only alive but in solid form, as opposed to gaseous.


Bombs for Maggie

At the MJ12 base, make sure you grab the LAW before leaving. While there is a LAW in the Police office, entering it will cause Maggie to cease existing, even if you wrote the code down on the back of an envelope from a previous session.

Make your way to Tonnochi Road, and shoot the Luminous Path member with your sniper rifle before he has a chance to speak. Leave the body where it is.
This will cause the Queen's Tower doorman to rush out and tell the policeman, who will, in about 45 seconds, wander around, spot the corpse and make a rather unusual "Auugh!" sound. That's assuming we don't proceed as planned, though

Before he has a chance to do this, stride into the street outside Queen's Tower. When the whore/girl starts to babble about the market, fire the LAW at the windows on the top floor.

"Death glides silently on gossamer-soft wings, but her touch is harsh!"
-- The Thirteen Cryptical Prophecies of Mu, Bal Sagoth

The police will crucify you for this, but it's well worth it. Try to hang around long enough to verify that the little red wet bits have fallen from the window before fleeing into the Penthouse elevator.

Ah no, that's a piece of.. umm, actually I don't know what that's a piece of, but it ain't a piece of her

You'll know that you've succeeded because one of two things will happen. The maid will either greet you with the words "Who are you? You don't belong here!" which is her default line for when Maggie Chow has been erased before you've even met, or she will greet you with a hail of bullets.

"We have many prize Buddahs, you will notice."

An alternative approach as described by Sam Heddle is this:

"If you manage to get to one of Maggie's side windows, where she doesn't notice you, you can enter her apartment without her noticing. This is fun, as you can... 'rearrange' her apartment."


"Well, Maggie, glad we've had this chat."


"Wait, don't sit there!"


"No, Maggie, no!"






Another alternative he has proposed is to lace the apartment windows with LAMs and then talk to the maid who will begin the fatal process of leading you to Maggie. Get out of the apartment as fast as possible and watch.

This configuration tested okay


As soon as I had spoken to the maid, I leapt out of the building using the window which I'd entered via, with Power Legs switched on. It was a bit rough, but not fatal.


It is worth mentioning that the doorman did not offer me a wheelchair when I crawled back into the complex without my legs. In fact their disabled access leaves a lot to be desired overall.

Anyway, once Maggie has been dealt with by whatever means you see fit, go into her en-suite, close the door and place a LAM on the now-closed doorway, facing outwards.
Sit cross-legged on the trolley like some kind of evil garden gnome, and pick off the surviving guards with your sniper rifle as they come. You may need to fire a pistol round or two into the air to let them know where you are.

An alternative is to go into the shower and turn it on. For some reason the guards are reluctant to actually disturb you while you're doing this, and will not open the shower door. You can however shoot them through the gap on the right-hand edge of said door - about two rounds each and they will trouble you no more.

If you have some rockets - GEP, WP or even a LAW - it is also possible to shoot them through the gap at the top of the shower door. This will cause it to detonate against the ceiling at an oblique angle, ending the lives of everyone in the area immediately outside the shower.

The lucky winner of 'Survivor'
"Congratulations! You've just won a luxury penthouse flat!"

Once you have dealt with VersaLife for the second time, go back to the Sucky Money. Go into the cold store, so that Ling follows you and then shoot her in the head. Get all the weapons and stuff that you can carry.

While you're at it, save and then shoot Gordon Quick in the head too. Max Chen will now say various things such as "You have done the Triad a great service".

Very true.

No-one seems to be able to pick up on this, though - the Triad at the LP compound will still say that Quick and Chen are celebrating, and some of the others inside will say "At last the Triad are at peace!" - Gordon is, at any rate.
I haven't tried running the entire game through with him murdered, and I'm not convinced it was supposed to happen anyway, so just reload.

Return to New York

From the hotel roof, pick off all the soldiers and police. They seem to respawn, but it will make things somewhat quieter. Go to the Underworld club, where you will find Harley Filben, Sandra Renton and Vince. Talk to Sandra and Vince first, then get out the Dragon's Tooth and break all the light fittings.

Bad evidence of that afternoon when my attorney ran amok with the coconut hammer, smashing the mirror and all the lightbulbs.

This will elicit the wholly appropriate response of "Christ!" from Vince and cause him to flee with Sandra. They will quite sensibly never return, so make sure you've spoken to them both first.

Once you reach the sub base, the guards will say that Vinnie told them about you. They will then let you in - presumably out of fear.

Board the sub, and make your way to the Captain's quarters. Play back the holographic recording of Simons and shoot it in the head two or three times. It will escape.

Chase the holograph around the ship. If it stops, shoot it again. The Dragon's Tooth won't work, it has to be firearms. When you get bored, wait for it to stop and it will deliver its speech and vanish.

Well, there's something you don't see everyday.

(Thanks to Barry O'Sullivan for telling me that. Sorry it took over a year to add...)

Mysteries of Paris

In the courtyard leading to the catacombs, climb up onto the roof of the larger building, which I believe is on the south side. It is possible, although difficult, to climb up the sloping roof using LAMs. Once upon the flat top of the roof, you can then use your Legs to jump out over the protective forcefield and into the 'forbidden realm'.
One of the 'bots is dangerous - you will have to destroy it. The other robot is in actual fact on your side for some weird reason.

Now, find the skyscraper from whence ye came, and save in some other slot. Don't forget that you will be unable to return from the Forbidden Lands, so don't use the quicksave slot unless you have already saved before entering.

Wander around the base of the skyscraper until you spontaneously explode for no obvious reason. Apparently they have decked the base of the skyscraper with a kill-field to prevent you from surviving should you fall off and somehow not be splattered by the impact.

I saw... a BODY!

You can 'pay' for entrance to the Paris nightclub with a dead MJ12 trooper. This will cause the doorman to flee, thus opening passage into the club.

The club accepts payment by body-debit

It is interesting to note - although not entirely surprising - that even this will not disturb the club bouncers in any way. Nor will using gas grenades on them, or shooting the patrons in the head at point-blank range directly in front of them.

Back outside, the arms dealer's flat has windows which can only be broken from the outside. Fortunately it is possible to 'fall' through them from within and then smash your way back in. The doberman can be led into this building, but cannot then escape, which means that the dealer will return to find half as many weapons and twice as many dogs.

The gateaux in the chateaux

At Beth's house, you can open the front doors by using a gas grenade. Carefully placed, it will panic Nicolette into opening it for you with her Power.
Before entering, place a second gas grenade on the wall at the very back of the maze. With a touch of Power Legs it will allow you to jump into the crypt once the rest of the mission is completed.

I recommend the following strategy:

Kniggets Templar

In the Cathedral, it is possible to climb onto the rooftops via the LAM technique, but this doesn't buy you a great deal other than a novel way to kill the MJ12 troopers from above.

What you -can- do is beat Gunther to within an inch of his life, which will cause him to utter the words "I need a skull-gun" and run off.
When you meet him in the courtyard, he will do his usual speech and say he's going to kill you. As you hear the roar of the flamethrower, he will turn and run for his life, fleeing from you at maximum speed.

Go back to the vault, where Simons is waiting impassively in the holoconference machine. Unfortunately he cannot leave like on the Wallcloud, but he will just silently watch you. Do a little dance for him and leave for the subway, since you cannot talk to him unless Gunther is dead.

If the act of going into the subway is boring, you can make it more fun by carrying a dead MJ12 commando or something into the subway with you. This always gets the police very excited.

Van Den Berg

...which means 'from the mountain' in Dutch.

In Vandenberg, when you get to the comms tunnel, it is possible to enter by a mysterious and foul means.

Try and get it so that the cat is on the hatch when you open it. This will wedge the cat in mid-air above the tunnel entrance.

Now stick the cat with a tranq dart. They will now utter three highly obscene curses in the Hero's Tongue and promptly fall into the tunnel with an angry yowling noise.

You will now find yourself in the tunnel for no satisfactorily explained reason.

Much as I dislike cats, that is perhaps a little harsh - fortunately it is also possible to go on the magical mystery tour by throwing a pillow or bag of rubbish down the hole as well.

Quantum Holography

At the control centre, talk to Carter, Savage and everyone. They will tell you to fix the computer. But before we can do that, we must first sabotage the holoprojector.

Attach a LAM to the rear fin (so it won't kill anyone) and go fix the computer. If wholesale destruction and murder is your game, you can also place one of the Boomboxes within range. Just remember to duck and cover when you see the flash.

Now fix the computer and hurry back to the communicator. As soon as Page appears there will be an explosion, breaking up the conference and causing everyone to flee. Shoot Page in the head three or four times (this will upset Carter no end) until, like Simons before him, he jumps off the pedestal and flees into the upper offices of the building.

Follow him and try to ensure that both Page and Savage stop moving in the same area - this will give you a nice impromptu conference in the computer room, or on the stairs.

An alternative approach, if you have no LAMs is to hightail it to the projector as soon as the computer is fixed and stand in the exact spot where Page will be, which will make it look as if Denton is blackmailing Savage instead.


Once you've freed Tiffany, keep the dogs around. This has side-effects in that when they try to eat her you will find her running away from the helicopter instead of into it.
If possible try to lead one of the dogs into the chopper area so they try to eat Tiffany. This can cause Jock to forget about her, leaving a lovely scene of her being chased across the garage by a pack of hungry dobermen while you fly off into the sunrise.

Jock throws Tiffany to the wolves

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