DOOM Extravaganzas by DOUG and KANSAM

DOOM Levels by Doug the Eagle and Kansam

Featuring Kansam's Trial, SkyMayBe, The Blessed Engine and VSBdoom

  • Kansam's Duckshoot for BOOM. A fairground shooting run for the BOOM engine.It is here
  • Screenshots of Binary Doom. Attempts to make a 4-bit adder in DOOM.It is here


    The Blessed Engine a cure for people bored with Doom

    The Sky May Be The oddest Doom level in the world. Large.

    Reviews of The Sky May Be The controversy continues.

    Kansam's Trial 4 A piece of history

    Kansam's Trial 9 The full and finished piece

    VSB Doom 0.2 Become a Coeurl, from Voyage of the Space Beagle

    Kansam's Duckshoot 0.1 A neat demo of the new BOOM conveyor belts

    Binary Doom Attempts to perform a 4-bit logic in Doom

    The Blessed Engine 1.9b Release 2

    This is patch for DOOM that is so twisted, you'll never be able to look at an imp again!

    If you've ever wanted to know what an atom feels like when it's being annihilated at CERN, Blessed is for you.
    Many monsters have been uprated, and the Baron of Hell can turn you straight from matter into energy without any messing around.

    While many Dehacked patches offer a novel spin on traditional Doom, Blessed is specially designed to preserve the game balance, so it is just as playable as ordinary Doom.

    (...well, maybe that's a little fib. It's somewhat harder..)

    It works well with almost all Doom 1 levels and add-ons.

    The Monsters:

    To counteract this awful threat, the weapons have been improved.

    The Weapons:

    Other features:

    Click here to see the readme file: bless19b.txt

    You can download The Blessed Engine from most Walnut Creek mirrors, in the idgames/combos/ directory.

    Here are a few places:

    From BLESS19B.ZIP

    The Sky May Be

    Originally intended to be a New Game That Requires Doom, SMB is a gigantic level that will be a whole new experience for you.
    No shit. The Sky May Be has effects never before seen in Doom.

    It also became one of the most controversial WADs ever, both loved and loathed. See the reviews section later on.



    After your defeat at the end of a long battle, the great God Imp has shown his infinite mercy upon you.
    You have been Cast Out into the hellish depths of his toy chest, a windows 3.1 program written by the Devil himself.
    Trapped in lego buildings from the God-Imp's darkest nightmares, you must find a way to shut down Windows and escape.

    Click here to see the readme file: smb_v102.txt

    You can download The Sky May Be from most Walnut Creek mirrors, in the doom/levels/s-u/ directory.

    Here are a few places:



    The Sky May Be - Reviews

    When I released 'The Sky May Be', I had no idea that eight years afterwards, people would still be arguing over whether it was a work of twisted genius, or the most god-awful piece of trash ever unleashed upon the world.
    I honestly thought, that apart from the occasional piece of fan-mail, it had sunk without trace. Only when 'The Sky May Be' featured prominently in DoomWorld's Top Ten Most Infamous WADs, did I realise I was wrong.

    For my part, I feel I should mention that my chief aim in 'The Sky May Be' was to create something totally new and utterly unlike anything that had ever been seen in Doom before. I believe, that for good or ill, I succeeded in that goal.

    Running Sky May Be

    Running Sky May Be properly on today's systems can be a fiddle. It works perfectly in DOSbox, but I'm also told that it works on Chocolate Doom, a port which strives to emulate Doom perfectly, bugs and all.

    Instructions for installing it can be found here, on the Chocolate Doom wiki

    See also a video I made about Blessed, here: Sky May Be / The Blessed Engine. It shows an unreleased Doom2 version.


    These reviews came from DoomWorld's idgames archive. Feel free to peruse the original.

    As of this writing, the level was rated at 3/5, i.e. evenly split between those who loved it, and those who utterly detested it.

    Without fear of overstatement or hyperbole, I can honestly say that this is the worst level ever made for Doom. It has a retarded install process, it's giant and incredibly ugly, it has stupid custom graphics and pointless custom sounds, and a completely lame Dehacked patch. But beyond all these completely awful aspects there is a certain je-ne-sais-quoi which quite simply makes it the shittiest Doom WAD ever created.
    Nonsense, this level is quite simply a work of genius. A twisted and bizzare genius sure, but genius nonetheless. Yes its ugly, and strange, and unresonably hard, but it's packed with ideas, creavity and above all - humour. The level is set in the toybox fortress of the Great God Imp, which is running on a dodgy copy of windows 3.1. And all that is fully realised in the level itself. So download it, don't take it too seriously and if you want to beat it, save often.
    Jesus Christ. I now have the flu just from playing this. No wonder there are 4 votes and it is still at 0!!
    What does it do, nibble your bum? -Magicsofa
    Oh no.
    The pain, oh, the pain! --0/5
    hahahahahahahaha *boink*
    i thought it was a pleasant work of twisted genius **** -sargebaldy
    i gave it 5 becasue its made me rofl
    Weirdest. Wad. Ever.
    This is without a doubt the strangest wad ever made. Ah, but is it the worst? ...well, that depends on who you ask. I happen to like it. 5/5
    Quality. -deathz0r
    deathz0r: i couldn't had said it better. this deserves a pure 5 for the humor. i think that was what deathz0r referred to? - DooMerPS
    Hell Yes. This is probably the most insane level ever made (Even more so than my HELLDOOM levels so far), and needless to say, I like it. :P Five Stars, Just Because. :P -Xaser
    Pretty Good Wad
    this is just dandy......
    Without a doubt, this is the WORST WAD ever made, the music doesn't help either
    After all the commotion about this wad, I finally downloaded it to see. I was surprised. It is fricken awesome. ***** 5 stars -Epyo
    he spelled scratch wrong. It almost sounds like crotch. Scrotch.
    Well, the author was aiming to create the strangest level in existence... He succeeded in every way possible. 5/5 --Destroyer
    This is up there with the "All your base are belong to us" joke. I loved it! I even made a "The Six Rules" shirt
    I played SKY with jDoom and it rocked. DOUG was definatly ahead of his time.
    Keep in mind that the same people giving this 0/5 ratings are probably the same ones who gave Mock 2 the same rating. They just don't get it, do they? - Cren
    Awesome graphics
    ... *Downloads*
    omg. what a waste of reading the begining message
    worst doom wad ever
    this is pure genius.
    I love this map.
    This is utter, utter...
    while horrible, made me laugh. lol. 5 stars here.
    as soon as i opened this, my brain splattered against my monitor
    Funny but a pain in the ass to play. 2/5 -TheDarkArchon
    Horrible... This WAD is pure garbage.
    This could have been better! 2/5
    i hate it only 4 the fact that when i use a chaingun it crashes!!! O_o all in all thou nice job
    dicker licer
    it's so f___ing stupid that it's hilarius 5/5
    Radical, I love this wad not because of it's gameplay, but because of the experimentation you can do with it, I have done more experiments with Doom's physics than any other level, because of it's tall rooms, low-grav tests with legacy are possible, and the 6th weapon is a strike of genious, actually SPAWNING little blood spots, and turning gravity to 0 makes it possible to shoot the weapon at a wall and kill the monsters at the top, just because the ticks moved up. :) -Comiclez
    Three stars. Fantastic and odd level design, but not actually any fun to play; it's far too hard in places, and puts me in mind of a feasibility study than a playable level. It's a lot more fun if you simply load the wad into Jdoom or Zdoom and play it like that; the modifications are a waste of space.
    The levels aren't that great, but the dehacked patch is something else. The mines, pinkies turning into seargents and back, shotgun seargents popping out of the skin of dead former humans, f___ing freaky! Again, the levels aren't that great, but the dehacked work deserves a 5.

    Kansam's Trial Version 4

    This is a collection of 4 levels from the unfinished Kansam's Trial.

    It has now been finished! Click here for the new Kansam's Trial.. Version Nine!


    You can ONLY download Kansam's trial 4 from out-of-date Walnut Creek mirrors!!

    In the others, it is replaced by Kansam's Trial v9. Swedish mirror site KANSAM4.ZIP

    Kansam's Trial Version 9

    First there was Kansam's Trial IV:

    Which promised the following:

    ..but then development ceased. Years later, I picked up the pieces and shaped them into the full episode.. Kansam's Trial Nine.

    Kansam's Trial 9 has the following levels:

    History (the real Legacy of Kansam)

    After Kansam's Trial R4, my brother lost his intense interest in Doom, nine-tenths of the way through Shadowgard.
    The structure of Shadowgard was finished but it was devoid of monsters (except for in the traps, etc) and some parts were untextured.
    I have textured the empty parts, and placed many Things. To capture the haunted air of its original state, play it in TOO YOUNG TO DIE.
    The other difficultly levels have properly-placed monsters.

    Kansam's Trial v9 will never have the professional polish of the first four levels but they're still much too good to remain unreleased.

    City of Pillars is an unreleased level called Hedgehogs. (A wargaming strategy) Initially this was a joint effort, but eventually he took over.
    "This would make a good City of Pillars", he once commented. My command is your wish..

    The Twilight Zone is based on an experiment level which no longer exists. It was a testing ground for most of the tricks that are seen here.

    Babel-17 is extrapolated from Kansam's chapel, a 19k wad file.

    Kansam's Grave is a traditional end-of-episode blowout, but done in an interesting manner. I hope so, anyway. Kansam did not design it.

    Click here to see the readme file: kansam9.txt


    From 1.2 megabytes

    From 1.2 megabytes

    VSB-doom 0.2

    These are the initial results of my playing with the Doom Source.

    Although it was largely experimental, I feel that I have got the balance right, and it is now quite fun to play, especially using the Bombay-72 resources.

    For those who have played Bombay-72, this patch reinforces the notion of being Coeurl from Voyage of the Space Beagle.

    Read the README file

    New in 0.2


    It was originally concieved as a Dehacked file called Wavy-Hand Doom.
    For those who are interested, it lacked the balance of VSBdoom. Both you and the Imps entered into godlike combat, utterly destroying each other with nothing more than a wave of your hands. Essentially it became a battle to see who could wave first.

    I ported it to dosdoom 0.3, because it was a small, simple .deh file and rather interesting. Then I got hold of Bombay-72 and hit upon the idea of using health as ammo.

    From then it was just a matter of tuning it until it became addictive :-).

    Until it's ready, you can only download VSBdoom from here:

    VSB-Doom ~350k

    Bombay-72 Bombay-72 web page

    Kansam's duckshoot for BOOM v0.1

    This is a concept WAD: a simulation of a fairground duck shoot.
    It's short, sweet and fun, and it will work using Doom 1 or 2, using the BOOM engine from TNT.

    If you don't have BOOM, click here to visit the Team TNT page.

    Read the README file



    Duckshot v0.1

    Binary Doom

    An ongoing project!

    In John Conway's game of Life, (a system of Cellular Automata), it is theoretically possible to build a digital computer.

    Ever since I heard that idea, I have wanted to build one in Doom!

    I haven't yet managed it, although I have made various digital logic circuits using dehacked.

    The XOR gate and the NOT gate are the building blocks of the half-adder, which is used to construct a full-adder which will add binary numbers.
    The object of this exercise is to add two 4-bit binary numbers together and get a result.

    I have not yet achieved this goal, but using BOOM I expect to do this with greater ease and stability.

    Here's some screenshots of computer v1.0..

    First, a picture of the quad-imp oscillator, used to generate the pulses that carry the data.

    The four imps (with BFGs) attack each other, so there will be a BFG blast affecting the cacodemons.
    The cacodemons fire backward shots, upsetting the imp-cacodemon chain (used to straighten out the shot) and eventually annoying the baron, who generates the final pulse train.

    Now, the full 16-gate, which is a NOT gate.

    The 16-gate with a high logic level

    The 16-gate with a low logic level


    Not yet

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