Whacked-out Ultima 9

The Adventures of Barrel-Head


Barrel-Head relaxing in his native America




Barrel-Head down at the local




Barrel-Head goes to war




Barrel-Head victorious
Note the blooded sword tip near the top of his head



Barrel-Head savegame

You too can have your very own Barrel-Head..
Needs Ultima 9, version 1.07 or higher

Download: Barrel-Head savegame

Click here to download the U9 savegame (Needs 1.07 or higher) barrel_head.zip - about 90k


To use it, perform the following steps:

1. Create a new game and save it in a new slot.

2. Quit the game.

3. Unzip the Barrel-head savegame can copy it over the last savegame file.

4. Start the game and you should be able to load Barrel-Head.
Make sure you back up any existing savegame file first, take care etc.

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