The Making of 'Ocean Travel Without A Boat'

Game One

I play the game for the first time, and pick up some ideas along the way.

1: Test
First attempt

2: Kill The Gypsy
Now we'll see if you can die or not...

3: The Edge of the World
In which I climb out of North America

4: Barrel Head
In which I accidentally get the Avatar to wear a barrel

5: I nicked some of Iolo's shit and killed 2 brigands
At last.. actual progress!

6: Let's Do It
In which Martyn suggests I jump of the castle roof, but I decide to save first

7: Yea, Slimy things did crawl with legs upon the slimy sea!
I come across a huge crab for the first time and get creamed

8: What the **** is this?
I come across a glowing, humming bug in the game that no-one can identify

9: Here is Despise
..but I can't find the key to the inner doors and give up..

10: To Yew?
Having found out how Compassion is being perverted, I decide I MUST get to Yew
immediately to find out what Justice is.  I wonder how to get there.

11: I found some nice arrows and more gold
I decide to try and swim around Britannia until I get to Yew, so I head out
to what I now know is Wrong, and kill an archer on the way.

I cross over to Wrong by bottle

I find myself in Yew.  After talking to a few people I found that Justice
wasn't as swift or brutal as I'd expected.  The music is nice though.

14: Praise the rich.. kill the poor
Back in Britain.. this is the mayor's policy.  It's also some of the lyrics
to an old song by PYF that was never recorded.

15: Despise
Paulon's words of wisdom make Despise possible.

16: Despise-2
More dungeon

17: Done Despise
At this point I realise something is going badly wrong with the game, because
the Avatar is writing events in his journal that didn't take place.
The movies weren't being played.

18: Find the Mad Mage
I come across Melvyn, a saintly man of boundless wisdom

19: Zen and the Art of Shrine Maintenance
I can't cleanse the shrine.. then I discover I'm trying to cleanse the
stone circle for the moongate

20: Why do the Shrines sound like The Tabernacle
Or SHODAN?  Or a great many other insane computer systems?
I leave Britain and head for Buc's Den

21: Buc's Den: Avatar got laid
I was trying to work out why I apparently gained Karma for wenching

22: Serpent Wine
I find the Silver Serpent and kill the Pirates but can't dispel the forcefield

23: Become the Leader of the Pack and see off the Vultures
On the Isle of Humility

24: Incidental expenses: 256 goats to be sacrificed for each wolf killed
..too bad Katrina didn't read the small print of my contract

25: Ambrosia
..I thought I was in Hythloth

26: Kill Everything
..or not.  Use this slot to decide.

27: To have exterminated the gargoyle race
But the book of prophecy specifically mentions a band of warriors..

28: To not know where I be?
Actually I'm in Hythloth

29: To be confused
To be halfway in and out of Hythloth

30: Spamhayne
Time to get that codex

31: I get shafted by Blackthorne
Good job I saved first

32: Pokey
Need to break out of the clink

33: Moonglow: owls on some illegal drug
They're definitely hyperactive

34: Find staffy thing
Looking for the Staff of Wisdom

35: Lycaeum
Did I or didn't I cause all this fun?

36: Britain: need more reagents..
I must have Mandrake Root

37: I have murdered the Broom Woman
Because she is still a fascist even after the shrine has been cleansed.
The Avatar is in the Britain->Yew caves

38: Lots to see and do around here
With mysterious sounds, crazy landscapes and lots of inviting caves, the area
around Yew has to be the most explorable part of the game

39: Yew, lawful entry
About to talk to the Bowyer

40: Come up, come up, and ride along with me..
Lets go see some lovely Justice carried out

41: Stuff the book o' Justice, lets have some fun instead
Frustration at no-one telling me where the book of Justice is leads to
distractions and I decide to explore the region

42: Song of the Firewolves
I discover Dawn, a place where I can study fire and ice wolves in their natural

43: F***-off big sword vs. Pointy Stick
A definitive comparison between the Claymore and the Bladed Staff on the
beaches of Yew

44: Financial Overload
That magic number 9999 is reached

45: Assault on Castle Wrong
I decide to explore that castley thing I found earlier to see what it is and
rescue Raven completely by accident

46: W
'W' is for Wrong

47: Post-Wrong
I go back to Yew and discover the Book of Justice by accident.
Then I go looking for the old mountain man
The Avatar is standing outside the court hoping for some kind of enlightenment

48: I need to find the Sacred Vulture of Justice
Oh look, he's by Wrong

49: The Pure One is not human!
Reeling from the shock I go back to Yew and cleanse the Shrine

50: Justice is Done
Wrongs are righted (except when the defendant is a pile of ash)

51: Minoc
Minoc is boring

52: Upset Blackthorne's little party
Fun with Blackthorne

53: I left Blackthorne Hanging Around
Blackthorne floats by Raven's ship

54: Find the xtal ball, blackthorne cooked the fortune teller
Inside the damned mine

55: Healing Fountain
I found a fountain

56: L4
On level 4 I deal with the Liche

57: A premonition of the coming holocaust

58: Cove
The relationship between Cove and Minoc is.. confusing

59: BD, where's Raven?
After Terfin (which somehow got deleted) I find that Raven's buggered off.
I contemplate using the moongates but decide to have one last look around first

60: Oh God, I've shagged a pirate!
Raven, you're going to die for this

61: Give Us All Your Money.. Give Us All Your Money..
Out of funds again, the Avatar chants the KYTV telethon song and goes to rob
a few wolves of their money while they aren't looking

62: Build a nice Tower of Babel
Oh yes..

63: B.A.B.E.L.
The structure is progressing nicely but I need to kill a few more thieves to
get the wood

64: Babel is Accomplished
..but it's harder to climb than I'd intended

65: A bit of fun
I decide to try out my ship piloting skills and go off to the middle of nowhere

66: Intrinsic
I find Dupre's ashes by complete accident, as always

67: Dupre Time
Throw the switch, Igor

68: Staff o' the Ded
I get it, but find it doesn't seem to do much.  I keep it anyway.

69: Frost Sword?
Ian returns for Easter and persuades me to buy a Frost Sword from Buc's Den,
but I save first just in case it's a waste of gold

70: Skara Brae
This is misleading.  I'm in the entrance to Shame

71: For Shame
Lots of fun in the dungeons

72: In business
With the puzzles of Shame solved it's time to kick ass

73: Of the breaking of the Chalice
I discover that Blackthorne can still end the game even when the lenses aren't
yours to give

74: Out
Out of Shame, I look around and decide to tackle Phase Spider Island

75: You Are Number Six
Level Six, to be exact

76: Want Nightshade
Back in Britain, all my adventures since Humility STILL haven't brought me
any more nightshade

77: Valoria-Dawn
I go to Dawn by climbing mountains

78: How can I open the icy manhole cover of Dawn?
The Avatar is about to use the moongate to get to Britain

79: I was Born In A Lighthouse My Mother Was The Sea
In Buc's den, I fix the lighthouse

80: The Rogue?
I try to explore the Rogue but keep dying

81: Back Way?
I try to break into Valoria by pole

82: Paws for Nightshade
I find out how to open the icy manhole cover of Dawn.  I'm just about to do this.

83: In the dung
Dungeon Destard

84: Magic Egg?
I wonder about the designers' state of mind, and try to join the church of

85: More Destard
I wander around the dungeon some more, trying to find all the bits and bobs

86: Cryptography
I break into the crypt

87: Eggy
I have all the bits of Egg

88: Dragon is dead
Poor Talornia

89: Free!
I escape Destard

90: Seek the Tome of Demonology
Oh, that strange book I found while exploring

91: I sent the Knights off to their Deaths
Try and wipe out another people..

92: Valor
I guess Valor has been restored now

93: Find the King
To hell with the King, let's go down the Well of Souls

94: Skin Diving
I understand there's a bell here somewhere?

95: SH
Serpent's Hold, once I find the way in.  Open the door and face the Mage,
or shoot him dead before he knows what hit him

96: SH2
Once the mage is dead, how do I get to his pillar?
With upright sticks of course..

97: Bowman
Wandering around in the Land of the Dead

98: Red Candle and Demon Skull
Oh no, I used them in Destard.. The Avatar is in Minoc to fetch some Blackrock

99: IOA
The Isle Of the Avatar, surrounded by an impenetrable forcefield called a 'bug'

100: Inside the Forbidden Zone
I penetrate the forcefield with a Teleport spell

101: Holy Shit, my Arrows!
After killing some big insect, my arrows sprout from the ground like huge trees

102: Writual Majiq
Summoning Pyros for dummies

103: Oops
I think I upset Pyros

104: Oops2
The water puzzle

105: Oops3
In the firey land

106: Oops4
At the bottom of the shaft

107: ....
Out of the Abyss, back on the Island

108: Space is not the only void
In the land of Spirituality, right after reading the Night's Dawn Trilogy by
P.F. Hamilton.  Not a pleasant thought.

(Chanting into effects unit:) Ahm.. Beh.. Cah.. Lum.. Mu.. Om.. Ra.. Sum..

110: ........
Back to Terfin.  How to get through those doors?  Teleport of course..

111: Squashed Kitty
"Hey Ian.. think of a good name for a savegame.."
Just about to face the Guardian again

112: Iki Say Don't
"..I said a GOOD name for a savegame.."
The Avatar cowers behind a pillar as the Guardian beats the shit out of him

Game Two - The Walkthrough

I try some far-out experiments, and the conceptual walkthough is made flesh

113: Devilish Experiments
I decide to try and build a bridge from Wrong to Minoc

114: stnemirepxE hsiliveD
The first few parts of the bridge are laid

115: Dance, dammit! Dance!
I catch the Avatar dancing a jig on the pole but he stops when you reload

116: Insane Experiments
The first working bridge is contructed to Minoc (you can't get back, mind)

117: Ocean Travel Without A Boat
Ian studies the clothmap and decides it would be most beneficial to go to
Trinsic first.  I gather up tons of sticks and potion bottles and head towards
Paws to look for the narrowest part of the sea

118: Bridge over Troubled Water
The MkI bridge is halfway across

119: Forbidden Land
Oh my holy God.. I'm in Trinsic!  And weak as a kitten!

120: AIEE!
Shame is a nightmare when you're level 0.  Fortunately the pole trick is useful.
Unfortunately, because I hadn't spoken to Dupre I got kicked out.

If that firewolf sees me, I'll die, so I have to climb over the mountain to
get back into Shame (after I spoke to Dupre)

122: Uuuuh...
Ok, so I got back into Shame, but I've only got 1 potion left and I'm very

123: Wow!
I'm back in Britain with a huge sword!  But I haven't cleansed any shrines.

124: Ewe
Near Wrong, I contemplate going to Yew falsely for old time's sake

125: Counterfeiting
Back in Trinsic, I try to convice people some cup I found in the Mayor's house
in Britain is the Chalice of Honour.  Time to do those Phase spiders,

126: This Charming Man
In Shame again, I try to kill the Wyrmguard and find that charming her with
the scroll from Skara Brae works wonders

127: MMM...
The Avatar goes on a killing spree near Iolo's place

128: MMMM
I explore some of the picturesque parts of Central Britainnia and Ian finds
some lakes in the game that aren't on the clothmap

129: Journeys in Central Britannia
I walk around the mountains and Ian charts lakes and waterfalls.
We discover the fabulous levitating goats

130: Project B
Build another bridge in Trinsic.  If we can get from Trinsic to Buc's Den...

131: To Destard
The avatar pops back to Britain for a few things

132: Ill-concieved by moonlight Britannia
Time to melt that manhole cover again

133: Rock On
Back in Britain, Talornia still has her head, but I've got lots of lovely gems.
Shall I sell them or hoard them?

134: Gemheap
I hoard them..

135: ...
I sell them..
I forgot the Glyph.  Go back down to Dawn once more

136: ....
Back in Paws, I need to go back to Trinsic.

137: Flying Mice
A savegame of some mice running around 1 foot in the air

138: When the wind is southerly, I can tell a hawk from a handsaw
I'm just about to invent a Third-generation bridge to cross to Valoria.
But first I try to make a 2nd-generation bridge.  It doesn't work.

139: V
I 'pole vaulted' into Valoria and Talornia isn't dead.  A recipe for chaos.

140: V2
I go into Valoria

141: Month Three
I leave the Avatar asleep in Valoria for one hour and then talk to the
bone-armour mage, so the Avatar writes the date in his book.
It was a bit of a surprise.

142: V3
I go back to Destard to behead Talornia for no reason

143: V4
Valoria Properly.  I try to avoid a bug where the ghost doesn't appear

144: V5
Valoria is done

145: Journey to the Island of the Crabs
I want to get the Bell of Courage.  Just for kicks.

146: BEL
Bel is a false god in the Apocryphal chapters of Daniel

147: Got the bel
Now let's see the Well of Souls, to see if the barrier opens when Trinsic
and Valoria are done, or whether ALL shrines have to be done..

148: Lets search for Treshure, Phillip!
A treasure beach near Yew

149: U
Having been to Yew, but not seen the trial, I read the Book of Justice and
am now just about to meet Eustace.

150: U2
Raven isn't in Wrong, but I am.  I want to know what happens.

151: Bags galore
I discover how to make as many bags as I want

152: Stranger Things
Stranger things have been known to happen

153: Sculpture of a Fallen Warrior
A piece of Kinetic Art

154: My Knock
I decide to go from Wrong to Minoc again (that bridge doesn't exist yet)

155: Kove
I could talk to Morgana, but right now I'm just looking for a bed to sleep in.

And now for something completely different.

The Barrel-Head files

156: Barrel-Man Goes Forth (or not as the case may be)
Barrel man tries to leave Britannia the back way

157: Barrel-Head's big adventure
One of the teleports takes me somewhere I don't know.
I decide to play it with Barrel-Head (armed to the teeth) to find out where
it is.

158: Barrel-Head's ****ing enormous adventure
It just doesn't end!  How the hell can I have missed something so HUGE?

159: ....
We're nearing the end of the adventure.  It was the dungeon in Terfin which
I missed through judicious use of the Teleport spell.

160: TMP
A scratch pad

161: Barrel-Hand
A failed experiment to recreate Barrel-Head results in the Avatar wearing a
barrel on his hand

162: Barrel-Armour
A barrel on legs.

163: SIP
I try to take some good shots of the Avatar jumping for the web page

Game Two continued

164: Project Honesty
I try to build a bridge to Moonglow from Minoc.  It is the hardest bridge yet.

165: Project H
'H' has sinister connotations, being slang for a certain opium-derivative.
The bridge is now workable.

166: M00NG10W
After having done Deceit without killing Gypsy, I root around the barrels in
Mariah's house.

167: M2
I think we're about to disprove the validity of the pudding

168: F-PLAN
"That's F as in 'f***-over plan'.. isn't it..?"
"Yep.  I'm going to see the trial and find out what happens if we 'summon'
 Raven while she's in Wrong.."

169: TMP
Another scratchpad.  This one is where I desparately try to get the Ankh
of Spirituality prematurely.

170: 5th generation Bridge of Bread to Hythloth
Ian decides it is 'quicker' to build a bridge from Moonglow to Hythloth to
New Magincia to Terfin than going via Trinsic to Buc's Den..

I realise just what a wonder bread is

172: Project-T Terfin by Bread, but not back again.  This was a critical mistake.

173: HoVaHoJuCoHu
A list of the Sigils I have so far.  But the Ankh won't appear...

174: HoVaHoJuCoHuSa
Why won't you give me the manuscript of Stones?

175: GUK
I try all kinds of things to try and make that bitch give me the goddamned
sheet music.

176: MK3
I start a third new game to see if I can make the woman give me stones then.

177: Project 'Do Shrines' TrVaBrCo
Shrines I have Done (Co is Cove)

178: I did Comp + Sacr.. Read Blackthorne's note + saw the Well
I was foolish enough to lose my temper.. will I be foolish enough to lose
my mind as well..?

179: HUM
I decide to go and to Humility next

180: TMP2
I reach Ambrosia and decide to try and fly using Sentri's legs and poles
instead of the magic boots.

181: T
Ambrosia crashes.
I load back to HUM, and decide to ask the Guardian why the woman won't give
me Stones.  He promised to make the woman give me stones.
Back in Britain, I talk to the woman and SHE GIVES ME STONES.. I get the Ankh!

182: TX
I go back to thank the Guardian but he isn't there.  I decide to win the game

183: TMP
Another spare slot, for the photo-shoot once the walkthrough is pre-mastered.

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