Things your mother never told you about Ultima 6

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Owing to running out of room on the menu bar, all the Ultima pages have been grouped together.

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U5:Lazarus - Six-score-and-ten oblations to a malefic Avatar

How not to rescue Lord British in the Lazarus Team's amazing remake..

Things your mother never told you about Ultima 6

A collection of forbidden knowledge, my editing utilies, and some add-on modules for Ultima VI - The False Prophet.

A fistful of Ultima 7

How to kill Batlin, crash the game using the casino, resurrect Alagner and get your followers to join the Fellowship.
Also features an anti-walkthrough, "Fear and Loathing in Forge-Of-Virtue", and "Further Drug Experiments", an exploration of serpent venom abuse.

Serpent's Isle - Cosmic Balancing Act

Dickhead's cat-hammer, how to get rich quick, fun with the Banes, brutalising the tests of Discipline, Logic and Purity.
Also features "Starless and Bible Black", probably my most effective anti-walkthrough yet.

How to be a complete bastard in Pagan

The original anti-walkthrough. Avoid the necromancers, sleep through the Zealan ceremony, cheat at your sorcery exams and sacrifice Santa Claus to Baal while under the influence of magic mushrooms.
Also features the Gallery of Absurdities, How to kill Beren, how to make Beren serve you, and some fun with the cheat mode.

Whacked-Out Ultima 9

Adventures of Barrel-head. The Oracle sham exposed. Gallery of freaky screenshots. Fun with Blackthorn.
Also features the anti-walkthrough "Ocean Travel Without A Boat" which tries to complete the game backwards.

These pages are maintained by my alter ego, DOUG the Eagle, a member of the UDIC, which is an Ultima Fan Group.

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