The Wolfenstein games

So far we have Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein: New Order.

Doug is an F-15 Eagle

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

What could be more pleasing than running around the lush countryside of Nazi Germany committing random acts of terrorism?

"In stark contrast to Quake, where the end boss is a sea anemone that sits there waving its fronds oblivious to your presence, BJB has to fight the forces of darkness incarnate in a final confrontation in a steelyard somewhere near Grimsby."

Wolfenstein: NO

A brain-damaged psychopath in his mid-40s goes on a killing spree in an alternate 1960.

"BJB commits a few more murders, kidnaps Anja, the only survivor of the Mental Hospital Massacre, and then escapes in a car. Incredibly, nobody stops an obviously-stolen high-ranking vehicle being driven too fast by a mental patient in a blood-spattered hospital gown who's never driven a vehicle with a synchronized gearbox before."

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