Deus Ex - The Camera Eye

A collection of screenshots to make your mind water

(Designed for 1024x768)

Hey.. what the hell?

(Provided by Saracoth.. thanks!)

Hey.. what the hell?

Grim-faced and forbidding,
Their faces closed tight,
An angular mass of New-Yorkers,

Are slaughtered in cold blood by Paul Denton, who has gone totally Postal.

Someone's feeling twitchy today. Paul must be nearby.

Spot the deliberate mistake

Supernatural Powers

JC levitates

Schrodinger's other cat

This must be catching

Never trust your reflection

Another stunning entrance from Nicolette

Violent Ends

One of Barrel-head's distant relatives

Barbecued Commando

I crucified the doorman, nailed him to the door. He keeps opening it though.

Going to heaven?

If you go around shooting dogs, you might fall down the stairs

Star formation

Words fail me

Sport and Recreation

Greazel Fishing

Gun Sculpting

Quad-Damage Rocket Fishing (a'la Quake)


Black Boom - the most volatile substance on Earth

The Tower of Babel

As seen from the top of the helipad

Made with Midnight Commander!

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