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This carries the legendary U7run and U8win packages, which allow U7,SI and Pagan to run under various flavours of Windows.

Web Comics

DMFA by Amber Williams

Daniel Ti'Fiona, a vaguely-feline winged guy, has a bit of a problem. He spent his formative years as an adventurer, thwarting evil and slaying demons. And now he's discovered that he's a demon himself.
Like Harry Potter in reverse, Daniel has recently been kidnapped by the Succubus And Incubus Academy who wish to have him as a student. But by the time his course finishes, all his mortal friends will be centuries dead..

The strip updates Mon, Wed, Fri with a bonus update on Sundays.

Here is a good overview: Tangent review of DMFA


The first 90 or so strips are very formative, start from the beginning if you wish to get the background.
Vol 001 - The Beginning

If you want to cut right into the very heart of the action, a good place to start is here:
Vol 278 - Merlitz warns Dan that Aaryanna wants to kill him

The Dan Vs Pegasus storyline:
Vol 116 - Dan is called upon to fight his nemesis once more

The nightclub arc (which is somewhat dear to my heart). This later becomes the quest which introduces Aaryanna:
Vol 195-230 - The nightclub scene, the quest to 'go kill something'

To be, or not to be an incubus. That is the question.
Vol 392 - Dan's soliloquy

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DMFA Radio Project

A project to record soundtracks for various DMFA stories, including 'Dan vs Pegasus' and the Nightclub-Aaryanna story. This is one of my side-projects.

The Legend of Daniel Ti'Fiona

A 20-minute concept piece based on the Dan-vs-Pegasus story, written to be one 'side' of my second album. Hawkwind flavour.

Project Future

Yes, I've started my own DMFA-inspired comic. See below for details.

The Foxfire Chronicles by Luke Turner

Luke Reid, recently laid-off, is captured by a shadow organisation and along with four others subjected to an experimental treatment which leaves him in a canine-like form. Trained in combat, they finally escape, only to become pawns in a much larger game...

The strip updates on Mondays.


With feet like ours:

My head won't come off:

Benghal's return:

The meat-tree:

Benghal 1 'Cubi 0:

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Operation Wendigo

My fourth album, kicking off with 'Operation Wendigo', a track based around the initial storyline.

Project Future by myself and Ren Gaulen

This is a DMFA-inspired webcomic based on my 'Future History' story. Agent Oswald is sent to Furrae's Arctic Circle to investigate a suspected weapons facility.

We're currently doing a saturday update although this may change.

SSDD by Alan Foreman

A complex tale of time-travel, anarchists and a deranged computer program known as the Oracle.
This seems to have drawn a lot of ideas from System Shock and Deus Ex. It can also be rather crude at times.

The strip recently switched from bi-weekly to weekdays (although usually one strip a week is a social commentary or rant). Ignore the spelling.


The start of the main storyline (the art starts a little rough):
2001/01/08 - The saga begins

Little lost robot:
2002/03/22 - A mysterious corporation in the desert

Death of a father, birth of a monster:
2003/01/03 - The creation of the Oracle

Kevin's Plan:
2004/03/01 - Why am I reminded of MY workplace?

The Oracle takes over:
2005/06/14 - Why am I reminded of 'Fire upon the Deep'?

Gaming Guardians by Graveyard Greg

Set in a universe where games have a reality of their own, the Gaming Guardians act to maintain order (and adherence to rules).
This comic features long, convoluted storylines and lots of self-referencing. It also has a lot of references to RPGs and computer games, including a fun take on Paranoia.

The comic usually updates weekdays.


The start of the main storyline (the art varies, but Webtroll is brilliant):
2000/05/07 - The beginning

Main arc begins:
2001/06/12 - Return of the Jester, the War begins

Survivor's Guilt:
2001/10/01 - Paranoia arc, Greg tries to change history

Year of Hell:
2003/01/01 - A year.. leading up to a shocking climax as the Jester's origins are revealed

Year of Hell - April:
2003/04/01 - One of GG's trademark 'WTF?' storylines

Little Fears:
2004/04/29 - Probably my favourite storyline so far

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Adventures of Pidge and Greg

A demo song from my forthcoming album, 'A day at the people factory'.


Mostly progressive rock.


"What long-shadowed powers of the Elder dark have our conjourings loosed?"

Many progressive groups from the 70's (and earlier) had a concept album. Bal-Sagoth have a concept career. Five albums (soon six) of cinematic metal about the fall of Atlantis, Mu, Lemuria and Ys.

The group is as impossible to categorise as they are brilliant. The only thing which comes close is 'fantasy metal', but there are also ties to late '70s progressive rock, not least the keyboard wizardy, longish tracks and demented ideas.

MP3 excerpts are available.


Rick Wakeman

"Who so pulleth out this sword, from this stone and anvil is the true-born King of all Britain!"

One of the great keyboard kings of the '70s. Still tours on occasion, albiet without The Band.



"External and foreign.. remotely detatched.
Oddly fantastic.. and evenly matched."

An independent prog band, very similar to Rush. Analog and digital synths are put to good use with spacey textures, growling basses and searing leads.
Science and cosmology-oriented. MP3s are available.


The Bartman Music Project

"I lost my love..
I lost my hope..
I lost my way..
I lost my soul.."

Proper prog-rock stuff, with plenty of M400 choir. MP3 clips are available.


Plato's Halo

"Your thoughts solidify, take shape before your eyes
Blink and you're there...
Leaving me..

Kate Bush meets Pink Floyd, with lots of other similar influences. MP3 files are available.

Recommended (tracks):


"I don't wanna be let in, I don't wanna be denied
I just want to erase my mind
I wish that you were sorry, I wish that you were never
I wish that this was over (but it's part of me forever)"

This is more in the vein of punk, or Marilyn Manson, nonetheless I rather enjoy it.
Nihillistic but catchy. MP3s and CDs are available.

Recommended (tracks):

M.C. Hawking

"F*** the damn creationists. I say it with authority, for kicking their punk asses be me paramount priority."
What would happen if Stephen Hawking made gangsta rap? This is the answer. Poor taste, but very well executed, and well worth checking out, even if you hate rap.
Science and cosmology-oriented. MP3s are available.

"Apparently they were unable to find a record label that could cope with the idea of a gangsta-rap outfit consisting solely of three white scientists." -- Ian


The Osprey Translocation Project

Young fish-hawks are kidnapped and taken far away. All in a good cause..

Rendell's Game-Of-Life Turing Machine

"This is a Turing Machine implemented in Conway's game, Life."
It puts my DOOM computer attempts to shame.

The Uncyclopedia guide to Kitten-Huffing

"Boys and girls, please listen to me,
your kindest uncle Bertie Don't huff kittens.
It's very. Very dirtyAnd will make the Queen cry,"

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