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Equipments close-ups


        Latest Updates:

	18-Apr-2006 - Mastering work begins on second album, "Songs for the Wild At Heart"
	19-Feb-2006 - First album, "A Day at the People Factory" is available for download
                      at - final cover art still not yet ready.
	02-Dec-2005 - First album has now been mastered, cover art is not yet ready.
	22-Oct-2005 - Total site revamp.  First album undergoing mastering.


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Equipment List

Close-ups of the rack

Upper rack (2005)

From the top:

Lower rack (2004)

From the top:

Older images

Lab 2004 The Lab in 2004 (Swindon)


Unless otherwise specified, examples are in Ogg format. If using windows, you'll need an Ogg Vorbis codec for Microsoft WuMP to work. Otherwise, get Winamp 5 or something.

from the Reign of the Just soundtrack
castle.oggA creepy castle on a hill.1.1 MB2003
dragons.oggHere be dragons2.3 MB2003
ransome.oggCommander Ransome's debriefing1.4 MB2003
pope.oggTheme for Pope Harris1.0 MB2003
Songs inspired by webcomics
gg3.mp3Gaming Guardians song (demo mix)
Full version appears on 'A day at the People Factory' LP
5.9 MB2004
Legend of Daniel Ti'Fiona (website)The Legend of Daniel Ti'Fiona (draft mix)
Full version TBA
ZooCity.mp3Theme for Equidna's ZooCity (demo mix)
Full version TBA
5.1 MB2005

Spin-off projects

The DMFA Radio Project - Recording Amber's webcomic as if it was a radio series.

The Legend of Daniel Ti'Fiona - DMFA meets Hawkwind

All music (C)2003-2005, Joseph P Morris. Not to be used without permission.
I am not responsible for any damage they may cause, or the vile decor in the studio.

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