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Things your mother never told you about Ultima 6

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How to get free stuff

How to kill Lord British

How to visit the Isle of the Dead

How to make Freaky Objects

How to kill people lightly

How to paralyse people

How to fry Lord British's brain

The Grand Magical Duel

How to carry all things

How to create people

How to create a swift

The hedgehog song (with the gypsies)

Strange Things happened in Jhelom one day..

Hunting Without Bloodshed

Cloning things for Fun and Profit


The Madness of Minoc

How To Unlock Stubborn Doors

How to make torches

How to get free stuff

Talk to IOLO and say the four words :
This will access the Secret Cheater's Menu.


Anything you dial up from IOLO will NOT BE PERMANENT.
The items will stay indefinitely in your pocket, but when you drop them, they will vanish when you leave the area.

To make objects permanent, use 'SETTER.EXE' to lock all dropped objects. Make sure that there are no other temporary objects lying around, or they will be fixed as well.

Why kill Lord British

One day, the Macbeth party was invited to a banquet..

Macbeth: Let me pour thee some ale, sire..
Lord British: STOP THIEF!!!
Macbeth: My liege? My liege..? Sire?!?


Macbeth fills the King's goblet

How to kill Lord British

The King is Dead! Long live the King!

How to visit the Isle of the Dead

Have you ever wondered where people in ultima 6 go when they die?

I went there once.. it's a strange land unfit for human habitation.
Fortunately the inhabitants are dead so it doesn't matter to them.

Here's how you can go to the afterlife yourself (with a hex editor):

How to create special (or Freaky) items

Freaky things??

Great! How can I make my own?

Give us an example...

Are there any limitations?

Sometimes you will not actually get what you want.
This is a pain,and to get around it you must increase the displacement, by adding 1024.
Keep adding 1024 until you get what you want, or you exceed 65535.

Here are some more examples to be getting on with:

How to kill people lightly

..tender young frogs, freshly flown in from Iraq, lightly killed and washed in the purest spring water before they are wrapped in an envelope of triple-smooth milk chocolate and lovingly sprinkled with glucose..

Killing people in cold blood using magic or weapons can have bad effects on their mental health.

Using a simple resurrection spell or a healer, you can raise the dead, but if they die fighting you, with hate in their minds, they vegetate.
Such people will never speak again, never walk or move again.
Effectively, they go brain dead.

We have discovered a way to work around this. If you kill someone with a cannon, they don't notice.(!)

They will not turn into vegetables, and will function fully when resurrected.
The same effect can be achieved using a Poison spell, or by pushing them into a fire.
We call this 'killing someone lightly', and any method will work as long as they do not realise they are being attacked.

If they scream when you attack them, that is bad, and you should wait until they calm down again before killing them, using some other means.

How to paralyse people

Kill them lightly and carry them in your backpack for about a week of game-time.
Now resurrect them: They will talk perfectly, but THEY WON'T MOVE.

This is useful if you are landscaping Britannia, and need some staff for a castle etc.

Incidentally, I have written a program called 'UnDead' that attempts to fix all brain-damaged characters.
They must be lying dead on the floor.

How to break Lord British

#1 - Armageddon

This will purify the earth of all life in the detonation of a colossal neutron bomb.
Only you and Lord British will remain, because you are both robots.

Lord British will have become a vegetable, with the Bomb having collapsed his positronic brain.

#2 - The Grand Magical Duel

Follow these instructions precisely.. you won't regret it! When you get bored, stop and let Lord British calm down.

You will notice he has become damaged in the battle, and lost the ability to speak.

How to carry everything


You may notice an arrow at the bottom of the empty bag.
You must never ever scroll out the bottom of the empty bag.
If you do this, the game will lock solid.

How to create people

Obtain a Shrine (#393).

For the QUALITY, give the NPC number of the person you want.

Use the TWEAK Database of Characters if you're not sure.

When you talk to the shrine it will act like that character.

How to create a Swift

'Swift The Vehicle' is a useful addition to your party.

I discovered Swift one day by getting Tiberius to resurrect the bones of Zog, although other skeletons will do the trick.

Digging up the graves outside Tiberius' house and getting him to resurrect each one is a good way to find it.
You will know when you have succeeded because Swift is automatically appended to your party.
You don't have to ask it to join.

Swift is a logical copy of the avatar, as far as its abilities are concerned.
However, it is also your vehicle.

If you have a swift and you travel by balloon or by ship, examining Swift will give you a picture of the ship, or the balloon.

Swift's physical appearance is variable, and it is set each time you leave a vehicle.

My personal favourite is when you leave a skiff, Swift will become a huge pile of 0 gold coins that is part of the party.

I always carry a skiff so I can do this.

The Hedgehog Song

It has often been noticed that the Evil Gypsies are, shall we say, AC/DC.
However, this takes it to new heights.

AK: It's nice to know you're not wasting your time with this game..
JM: We figured all this out by about 1993, in the summer.
AK: In the summer?
AK: You should have been out in the fields, playing with sticks, not coercing virtual characters to engage in acts of bestiality!

Strange Things happened in Jhelom one day..

I've no idea how repeatable this is, so it's more of a story..
Once upon a time, my brother took his character, JamLid, to Jhelom, and came across the pub.
In the pub as you probably know, there are a number of people who attack each other in a brawl at periodic intervals.

In the normal process of the brawl, each attacks does no harm. However, one of the brawlers attacked Jamlid, and he decided to join in the brawl.

Jamlid assaulted his attacker in the belief that the game would limit him to 0 damage points like the other brawlers.
However, Jamlid's attacks did 20 damage points each. Then victim died.

Jamlid's kill began to upset the brawl engine, and all the brawlers were doing each other 4-5 points each blow, though they did not know it.

Jamlid left them brawling and went to get the local rune.
When he next entered the pub there was no-one left alive.

Hunting without bloodshed

In the abysmally-titled 'Planet of Adventure' series by Jack Vance, the locals keep strange herd animals, which are completely modular and regenerate like the tails of certain lizards.
The tribesmen remove the legs of the animal for food (they barely notice) and even internal organs (which irritates them).

Now, how would you like to try this for yourself?

All you need is the Pickpocket spell.
Just pick the pocket of a Sheep, and you should see the leg of meat inside.
Select it, and the meat will fly out of the Sheep and into you hand.


  • Deer, Cows, Sheep and Spiders (Uh?) are known to work. (please email others)

  • Don't worry if it doesn't work first time, only some of the animals have meat inside. (The rest are hollow)
    Just find another one of the same kind and try again.

  • When dealing with Cows, you must always go for the head, never the butt.


    The avatar removes all the meat from a deer at a distance

    Cloning things for Fun and Profit

    Thanks to James 'Phillipe' Clarendon

    I'm surprised no one ever discovered this, but a friend of mine and I found
    this out the summer Ultima 6 came out:
    How to make a smegload of money, OR how to harass bar patrons:
    Both of these involve the same technique.
    First how to make money:
    1. Drop a suit of magic armour outside the armourer in Trinsic.
    2. Cast 'Animate' on the suit of armour.
    3. Since it's now alive, it can easily be cloned.
    4. Cast Clone until you don't have any MP left.
    5. Wander around and KILL all the armours.
    6. Pick them up and sell them for ungodly sums.
    Now to harass bar patrons:
    Another humourous technique is to animate lightning wands (or, glass swords).
    Clone them, and send them into the bar.
    Piss them off with a sling or something, and watch 'em go wild!

    The Avatar, attempting to destroy what he has just created

    Frankenstein's Monster - the Re-Animation of Dupre

    Not long ago, someone asked me if it was possible to resurrect someone if their body could not be found.
    Actually that wasn't what they meant at all, but it started me thinking....

    1. Start a new game, call your character 'Frankenstein'.
      'Dr Frankenstein' won't fit, unfortunately. Kill the gargoyles.

    2. Talk to Lord British and persuade him to give you the key.

    3. Now, in order to create a monster, we will need several corpses and a copy of my Object Editor.

      The Object Editor

    4. Frankenstein, Shamino and Iolo must run out of the castle and hide as far away from the King's wrath as they possibly can.

    5. Now take Dupre right up to the throne and punch the King on the nose.

    6. Dupre is now seriously deceased and the court is in total chaos.
      Press F10 and look at the sun. Hold down the Spacebar and wait for it to move before going back.

    7. Wait for Lord British to have his lunch break before picking up Dupre's remains, otherwise he will shout "Stop Thief!" for no obvious reason and then Dupre will have to die all over again.

    8. Pick up Dupre's body and go to the castle gates.
      Unlock the drawbridge controls and open the gate.

    9. Send Iolo alone, solo and armed through the gate and go up to Finn.
      Finn will say "Not in Solo mode" and stand there looking stupid.

    10. Give Finn a crossbow bolt or two in the head, and pick up his body.
      We are going to use Finn for spare parts.

    11. Dump Finn's body in the Throne Room, at the feet of the noble ruler he so wickedly tried to impersonate.

    12. Go to Abbey and find Glen D'Arc. Using the money from Dupre's carcass, have it cremated.
      Chuck the urn into the bushes somewhere so that it is destroyed when you go offscreen.
      Now Dupre is now dead and gone.. isn't he?


      Poor Dupre ran into a horde of Vikings or fell under a bus, I can't remember which

    13. Now, go back to the castle and stand in the throne room, south of the body.

    14. Save and quit to DOS, or task-switch.

          Go into the savegame directory and make sure OBED.EXE is in this directory.
          Now type:
          OBED objblkcc

    15. Go down through the list until you see 'Dead Body', typically about 7 pages of text down, if everybody in the party is south of the corpse.

      Now, highlight the Dead Body and press ENTER.

      Press 7 (Change quality/tag) and enter 2 (Dupre's NPC number)

      Now quit the editor (ESC,ESC) and save the changes.

    16. Return to the game (RELOAD if you switched tasks)

    17. Pick up Finn and leave the castle.

    18. We need 400 quid now. Go to the hardware store and nick a barrel of gunpowder.

    19. Go to the Royal Mint and blow the doors off the vault. Take all the magically-locked chests.

    20. Now, go and take Finn to see Tiberius the Healer, north of the hardware store. He looks like a woman.

    21. Talk to Tiberius and he will notice Finn.
      Ask for a resurrection, and Tiberius will somehow take the cash from the locked chests without opening them.

      Dupre will rise.. He will rise from the grave.. He will rise from the flames..

    It's Alive!!


    Throw the switch, Igor..

    The Madness of Minoc

    Thanks to NeutroNova for discovering this.

    Short and to the point, the instructions are as follows:


    But wait.. what's this?


    "What are you, wanderer?"
    "I can't remember.."

    If you kill a follower, they will turn into the object which they represent, as the Avatar now demonstrates by killing and eating Gorn.


    Yum yum.. Ugh! Sword..


    How To Unlock Stubborn Doors

    Thanks to Tristan Miller for mentioning this on UDIC.

    Are you trying to open that pesky locked door that stands between you and someone else's hard-earned cash?

    Can't find the key? Never mind.. where we're going, we don't need 'keys'.

    Gunpowder is a fairly obvious solution, but it's too heavy to lug much around. Mass Death is my preferred way to remove stubborn stains, but it can be overkill. This method is energy-efficient and you don't need to be a master mage to pull it off.

    In theory, (and in practice according to what I've heard) this should work on ANY locked door that can be cast upon, which can obviate several quests ;-)


    How to make torches

    Thanks to Hauke Worpel for passing this on. Pun not intended.


    Two wrongs don't make a right, but two hundred will overflow your karma level..

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