Ocean Travel Without A Boat

Ultima Ascension, the way it never should be

"Stop screwing around!  Do it the proper way!  You can only turn a lever so
 far in the wrong direction before it breaks!  This game is no different!"


Foreword for the Adventurous

Before attempting to actually try this out, you should have read the whole thing through at least once.

Building all the stuff for the first crossing can be tedious, although in my opinion, it is quite a rewarding task.

If you lack patience, feel free to experiment. You could, for example, try using the third or evern fifth-generation technique to get out of Paws.

Anyway. Since this is the last true Ultima, any suggestions for future games to subvert will be gratefully receieved.

Most of all, enjoy this walkthrough.
- J.P. 'Doug' Morris

Ocean Travel without a boat

Devised and tested using Ultima Ascension V1.07

Start the game, go to Britannia.
Don't kill any swans, because all swans belong to the Queen of England and so killing them is high treason.

In Stonegate, pick up the scrolls and the bag, put them inside.

Go through Stonegate, evade the Wyrmguard and talk to LB.


Tap ENTER to skip his burbling and then go to your room upstairs.

Get the bag, get the TWO OPEN books (leave the others) and all the potions.

Take any money you find, we will need a fair amount.

Go to LB's study, and again pick up the one OPEN book, and any cash you find in his bedroom.

Go through the teleporter and grab as many potions as you can and any scrolls you find (there should be at least one).
Put the black potion and the fireball scroll (from Stonegate) in a separate area so they are segregated, we will need them for a different purpose later on ;-)

Go onto the roof, and jump off into the moat (keep the cursor pointing straight foward and then jump). Swim around to near Despise and climb up.

Go past Despise to Iolo's place. Steal his bow and the three arrows from the targets outside.

Go downstairs and find Gwenno, don't talk to her, instead strip off in front of her and leave your armour on the bed.
Since the Avatar armour is so bad as to be effectively zero, we'll have some fun instead.

We'll go for that Flash-Gordon-in-a-nappy* look, so take everything off except his boots and gloves. Leave the rest on Iolo's bed.


Now look in the left hand corner and you should find a fourth arrow.

* Nappy = Diaper

Go down the road towards the lighthouse until you see the magic thing and follow it into the cave.

Shoot the spider and grab the gold and diamond.

Go back down the path and turn left. Go over the bridge.

Near the target dummy you should find a staff and an axe. Get those, the open book and any money you find inside.

Now go to the Jeweller's and steal his cut emerald. Sell it and the diamond back to him.

Go to the wishing-well and throw one of the nearby coins in, get the Sword.

Go to the local arms dealer and buy 9 staffs. Go to the bowyer and buy 90 arrows and some basic training.
Go outside and take the two practice arrows.

Head towards Paws, shooting all the rats you meet. You will make a substantial profit on each one (more than cost of ten arrows).

Douse the burning buildings and kill the rogues, taking their money.

To the left of the house is a small hill, jump up this to get to the bridge above the house and walk over it until you come to some brigands.

Shoot first 3 brigands and walk until you see a woman in the distance.

Now, climb on the rock nearby and walk around the camp so that no-one sees you.

Creep up behind the thief (with staff) and hack at him with your axe.

Do not attack the woman by mistake.


Since you haven't triggered his conversation he is docile and will not fight back.

Keep hacking until he dies, then take his staff.

If you want to know why you're getting all this junk, too bad.

Go back to Britain, stopping off at the city wall.
Climb on top, open the chest and get the potion and scroll.

Go to the farmhouse, go inside. Take the open book, the pie (DON'T eat it) and the potions in the cupboard.

Kill the goat if it refuses to let you out of the house.

Buy a few more arrows with the gold from the brigands.

Head back to Paws and go along the beach until you can see land in the distance.
Find the closest point between the distant shore and Paws (you should be in front of a clump of trees, with a mixture of sand and bare rock going down into the sea.)

Now. We are going to build something very big, and wonderfully ramshackle.

First, we must have an Anvil to align the wooden poles, which must be made almost perfectly flat and pointing roughly towards the distant shore.

Take two bottles. Drop one bottle on the shore, it will point at an angle.
Drop the second bottle on the first one, it will point straight up.
Now, drop a scroll on the bottles and it will be perfectly flat.
This is the Anvil.

The anvil

Now, lay the foundations of the structure.
This is the same as the Anvil, except it must be further out to sea.

Drop two bottles on the rock shore, so you have one perfectly straight bottle and drop a scroll or an open book on it.

Though this be madness, there is some method in't..

Now, take one of the poles from your backpack.
When they have been in your backpack they will come out perfectly straight upwards, which we do not want.

To re-align the pole, pan the camera so you're looking straight down, and the Avatar is facing out to sea.
Press Q to enter object mode.

You should see something like this:

Left and Right 'folding-points'

Drop the pole on either of the two angled parts of the beach, referred to in the screenshot as 'folding points', and the pole will fall over, like the one on the right-hand side.

When it has fallen over, drag it (do NOT put it in your backpack!) on to the Anvil, preferably just below the Anvil.

When you pan down to look at it, it should be perfectly flat on the floor.

The anvil has made the pole flat against the ground

Drag the flattened pole onto the foundation book/scroll so it points towards the distant shore.

Now, in object mode, and looking from above, take a potion bottle and carefully drop it on the end of the pole (which is resting on the foundation).
Now, drop another Flat object (book, scroll or pie) onto the bottle.

Note that the potion bottle must be pointing straight upwards or the structure will become progressively harder to build.
If it's not pointing straight up, put one bottle on the first one and it should be OK.


Now, prepare another pole with the shore and anvil, and drag it onto the Flat object you just put on the bottle(s).

Keep doing this so it the structure stretches far out to sea.


It's probably best to SAVE after each section of the thing is in place.

As the structure begins to stretch away from the shore, you won't be able to drag the pole directly from the Anvil into place.
When this happens, you will have to drag the pole onto the nearest Flat and then drag it from there to it's final destination.

You will have to do several of these hops as the structure progresses.

When you're out of poles, go back to Britain, killing rats and raiding the goblin's cave on the way. Buy another 4 poles.

Go to the Cathedral of Love and steal the two open books, now unlock the trapdoor with the switch in the other room and get the scroll.

If you need more potions, get them too.

Go to the Baker's shop, and obtain two open books and a pie.
Now go back to Paws and add three more poles and Flats to the structure.

The 'bridge' should be about a third of the way across the sea, which is far enough for what we need to do.

You should have one spare pole, keep this, because we will need it later.

Go back to the shore and look at the structure.


SAVE. (New Slot)
Try and aim the cursor so that you are seeing a cross-section of as much of the bridge as possible, and then cast GUST (Hur Hur!)

Keep Gusting at the most distant parts of the bridge.
Try not to blow away too much of the parts nearest the shore, as they will be useful to climb on to Gust the more distant objects.

Now, jump into the sea.. you should have a nice set of stepping-stones to reach the distant shore.
You will need to jump from piece to piece.

Note that when you are standing on a piece of debris from the bridge, the
Avatar will stop drowning and regain air.  Use this when you are at the
furthest part of the stepping-stones to the shore.
Swim from the last stepping-stone onto the shore.
Well done.. you've reached Trinsic!

Do be careful because there are several archers and they will kill you if they see you.
Consume the black potion when the Avatar is standing on the rocks, and you should be able to sneak past unmolested.

Go to the lake where Shamino's statue is, and reach down in front of it to the Legs Of Sentri in the lake.
Put them on, it will improve jumping significantly and is essential to this walkthrough.

Go towards Skara-Brae and find the locked chest on the far beach.
Hold down the 'X' key and probe the chest until you see 'Blackrock Gloves' and then drag them into your backpack.
Wear these, and ditch your boots, because you'll look completely psychotic. There should also be a blackrock helmet, wear that too.

Now, head towards Dupre's mausoleum, approach it from the South-East.
Climb over the mountainside and sneak in through the window to avoid disturbing the Gazers.

Get the chow-mein flavour Pot Dupre and leave how you came.

Now, head back towards the Shrine, via the hut with two people in.

There is an obscure law in England, which permits the killing of Welshmen after midnight, with a bow and arrow within the city walls of Chester.

U9 has a similar situation, except instead of Welshmen, it's gardeners that you can shoot without penalty. Go figure.

Found one! Shoot the gardener, and take the Serpentwyne from his cupboard, then head to the Shrine.
Do not shoot the woman, it won't work.

In 1.18 and above, the game is much more picky, but it can still be done.

Put the Pot Dupre on the shrine and wait for it to boil.
In the meantime, run like hell from the Goblins, jumping onto a rock should be fine.

When the Pot Dupre has been stirred and is ready to serve, keep tapping ENTER to skip his babbling.

38. Now, go towards Shame. Approach it from behind, climbing up the mountain. You may need to use some bottles to help here.

Drop down over the entrance and get the hell inside before the firewolf knows what's happening.
Run! Preferably sideways: it's faster (?!?)

Go past the first room, shooting the dart with an arrow if necessary.
Now, notice that there is no roof. Perfect...

Place your spare pole on the ground and climb up it.
Watch for the Evil Eyes, and leave the pole in place for later.

Go to the Red Light (press the button on the Eye to lower the forcefield) then jump back to the statue and use it.

Keep the statue between you and the Evil Eye or it may zap you while you're prone.

Now jump over the rooms to the Yellow Light (shoot the dart, and jump over the room.. you'll need to stand on the very edge of the lip and aim for the very edge of the opposite side, Sentri's boots will do the rest)

Then use the Statue again.

Go to the Blue Light, shooting the dart, and use the statue again.
Go through the teleporter.

Now make a coffee or something while you wait for the crystal to speak.
When you come back, you should have a prompt, type 'SUMM'.

Save, and go down to where the Wyrmguard is. Try not to let her see you.
Grab the Lightning Sword.

Now, antagonize the Wyrmguard with an arrow in the back.
If you are not healthy, go towards the Wyrmguard's stuff and gorge yourself on her food while she runs after you.

Now climb up to the cave so she can't get at you.
When she's up, jump down the other side and triple-shot her so she bleeds a lot.

The Wyrmguard should now walk around on her own blood two feet off the ground.


Ok, so the Wyrmguard is now trapped in mid-air and cannot hurt you.
Take some things out of your backpack (a potion bottle, the Wyrmguard's oil lamp and a hand-axe should do) and pile them up in front of the Wyrmguard so that you're just below her reach.

You should be able to attack her with the Lightning Sword and hurt her!
If not, make the pile slightly higher, but not too tall or she will maim you.

Beat her up for a minute or so, then switch to the Staff of the Dead.
She should die pretty quickly if you have enough height to reach her.
Pop down and grab the glyph.

Now go and see Blackthorne. If you want, try shooting Blackthorne in the back with an arrow (but save first!)

Blackthorne will now offer to swap the Chalice for the two Codex Lenses which you don't have. Don't agree or the game will end.

Now, pick up half a dozen Potential Chalices and leave.
Try to skip Dupre's babble if possible.

Go into the teleporter and leave the dungeon.
You may need to jump back on to the pole [39] on the ground in order to get safely down onto ground level.
Pick up the pole and go out the door.

Leave the dungeon. If a hellhound blocks your exit, you may unfortunately have to send it back to Hell with the lightning sword. Otherwise FLEE!

Now, go to the Statue outside the haunted house and drop all but two of the Potential-Chalices-Of-Honour onto the statue.
Do it quickly and there will be a bottleneck and the chalices will bob around crazily.

Talk to the guard. Say 'I don't know what I was thinking of!' and head to the pub, find the guy in distress, find the Semi-Honourable-One and tell him he's a worthless shit until Dupre intervenes and he agrees to die pointlessly.

Go to the house where the Phase Spiders live and SAVE, just in case it goes wrong.
Use the Staff-Of-The-Dead on the spiders, it seems to work better than the Lightning Sword.

If you die or the game gets confused best reload.
Try not to hurt one of your comrades or you lose karma even though his fate is preordained.

Talk to the dying guy and skip his crap, don't forget to pick up all the lovely cash.. Phase Spiders are quite rich.

Go back towards the statue.. the mess of cups will vanish and be replaced by the Chalice Of Honour. Take this and head towards the Shrine.

Fix the Shrine, "Speak now the mantra of SUMM.. oh balls"
I chose Strength, but I guess that's up to you. Take the Chalice with you.

Go back to the 'stepping stones'.
Take some of the inconsequential bits of the shipwreck-like mess in the sea, mainly the ones on the Paws side.

Try to make sure you pick up at least 5 poles, 4 books and about 6 potions.

Jump and swim back to the Trinsic side and head towards the North-East tip of Phase-Spider island.

Look east out to sea and you should see a nice little island in plain view.

Look for this island

It is shorter, so we'll use a quicker (but more risky) technique.
Find the closest point to the beach where the ground is still flat and drop one of your poles vertically.

Put a book perfectly flat on the top, and another pole next to the first one, which you can use to climb on for maintenance.

Put another pole on the book, and another book on the pole.
Do it again.

The main structure should now have three poles, each one with a book on top like so:

It should look like this

Place a pile of bottles on the book at the top of the structure.

Pick up the maintenance pole and position yourself around -45 degrees from the island. The view should be just like the screenshot above.


Cast GUST and keep firing it at the top of the structure so the bottles and book get blown out to sea.

When they're all gone, blow away the book supporting the top pole.

Now, grab the remaining book and go into the sea.

Make sure you pick up some of the bottles (around 4) near the shore.

You should have a workable set of stepping-stones, although there will probably be a large gap between the target island and the last 'stone', it should be a survivable distance.

You should be able to stop drowning and regain air by parking yourself over a 'stone'.
If you're lucky you should be able to jump from 'stone' to 'stone'.

If you're going to save, do so in another slot.

If you didn't make it, reload and try step 56 again. It shouldn't be too hard.
If you find that the 'stones' blow in the wrong direction, then your angle of attack is probably wrong, and you should cast GUST from a slightly different position.

Ok, now you're in Bucaneer's Den, and Raven (who is she?) is not.

We need around 2700 gold pieces. If you don't have that much, find a crab, cleave it open, take the money and find another one.

Keep killing the piggy-banks until you get the requisite amount of gold.

Go to the provisioner and buy three fireball scrolls.

Our work here is done, but there is a snag.
The quick second-generation bridge we built is a one-way only bridge and you can't get back!

Fortunately you took one pole, a book and about 4 bottles as you crossed, so we can build a simple structure to fix the bridge up.

Go to the edge of the little island-thing facing Trinsic.
Find the last spot where the grass is flat and again, put the pole up and place the book on it.

Put the 4 bottles on it and save again.

It should look like this

I don't know what the best angle to use is, so you'll have to experiment.
But basically, if the bottles and book reach the water at all, you should have a usable crossing.

Again, try to collect the obviously-redundant parts of the bridge as you cross back to Trinsic.

Now, cross back from Trinsic to Paws and head for Britain.

Go to the Castle. Go into the dining room and enter the secret door on the left.

Go up the lift and take one scroll of Light Heal.
Go to the magic room and bind it, also Light.

Drop any surplus objects in the Magic Room to make sure you have plenty of carrying capacity.

Now, head back to Paws, but not towards the crossing. Head instead Northwest and head towards the ex-village of Dawn.

You should come to a small mausoleum where a dog is wandering aimlessly.
Looking through the arches, on your left you should see a mountainside heading up to a snowy peak.
You've got Sentri's legs so jump up as far as you can, and drop one of your bottles when you get to the steepest part. Jump on the bottle and up into the snow.
Get the bottle back if possible. You should see a snowy track, follow it until you come to a square, icy manhole in the ground.

The icy manhole cover of Dawn

Save, and then use your four fireball scrolls to melt the ice.
If you make a mistake, reload and try again.
Now ignore the icewolf lurking nearby and jump down the hole.

IDM: Kill the hellhound!  Quickly!
JPM: Why should I?  It has as much right to live as I do.
IDM: What?!?  It's a creature from Hell itself!
JPM: Not a chance.  Not after poor Gypsy.
     Anyway, I'm just passing through.
In the main cave, look for a T-junction with rats on the left branch.
Go down this branch and free the guy to gain instant karma.
Go to the column, kill the Wyrmguard and get the Glyph of Valour, then go back and find a cave with a glowing magic circle. Go into it.

Now you're facing two well-'ard Wyrmguards.
Talk to them, and then kill the pair of them (they're quite wussy).
Take the prodigious amount of gold they leave behind.

Head to the Wyrmguard quarters killing all you meet. Push the wonky picture and go into the secret room.
Kill the Wyrmguard(s) and take their gold. Open the chest and get the piece of egg. Put it on the table and go.

Head back the other way down the corridor to the health fountain.
Now down the left fork in the passage to the dark room with the dragon statues and zombies. Kill the zombies, take any jewels and leave.

At the Pagan cover picture turn left and head down the ramp when you find it. Switch to the Staff Of The Dead when the demon appears, and it should die easily, before any hellhounds are summoned.

Head left to the mana fountain room and go into the West cave leading to the mines. Kill the Wyrmguard(s), take the diamond in the crate.

In the measuring room, smash the crates and nick the key, open the chest and get the gem inside.

Go into the mine proper, again, killing any Wyrmguards and fill your backpack with all the jewels you can pick up.

Look around the outer wall, you should find a lever that moves a boulder to reveal a secret room.
Go down, slice the fish open if possible and take the jewels from the chest in the water.

Now go back to the mana fountain room and find the Way Out.
Go through, find the head and say 'INOPIA'.

Go out, and head left as you exit. Run. Ignore any firewolves and skeletons.
Jump over the mountain and back to Paws. Head back to Britain and cash in your ill-gotten gains. You should easily make 6000 gold.

Give ten gold to the poor beggar near the docks if you haven't done so already, the first time you do this will give you a Karma boost.

Unfortunately Talornia must die, because otherwise the game will pagefault when you talk to the gatekeeper in Valoria.

(You need to have the gatekeeper to kill the Demons, but the only way
 to ask him is to ask him -after- the Demon has killed Eris.
 If you bottle your way into Valoria, he will do the 'get-a-dragon-head'
 conversation, Eris will try to speak from beyond the grave and the game
 does not like this AT ALL.)
Go back to Dawn, find and use the bits of egg and go see Talornia.
When you get to her cave, stand just before the ledge and shoot at her with your bow (this makes her jump 8 feet in the air).
When you're bored go and speak to her, then kill her with the lightning sword.

Most dragons teleport themselves away when they are critically injured.
Talornia tries to do this too, but something goes wrong and her head gets left behind. Pick her up and leave.

Go back to Trinsic and find the burnt shipwreck with the red lighthouse gem.
Take the gem, and make sure you have two potion bottles.

Open your spellbook and drag the GUST spell onto your belt so you can press F10 or whatever to cast GUST.


Presenting: The Third Generation Bridge

This is a very simple bridge. However the easier it is to build the bridges, the harder it is to use them safely.

The third generation bridge is most suitable for short distances, it is not a direct replacement for the Paws-Trinsic crossing.

Drop one of the bottles onto a wet bit of the shipwreck so it's partly submerged, and then cast GUST continously to push the bottle to about a third of the way across.

Drop another bottle and Gust that so it's fairly close to the first bottle.

Jump out onto the nearest bottle and blow the other one until it's about 2/3 of the way across.

You should now be able to jump across from Trinsic to Valoria.
Find the dying knight, nick his shield and find the entrance.

I don't know what makes the poles come down, so just jump over them.
Talk to the gatekeeper, say you'll get a Dragon's head and say bye. Then talk to the gatekeeper again and show him poor Talornia.

Step through and talk to everyone.
Talk to the dying mage and refuse to get the book. Leave (Cue demon sequence) and find the Book of Three.

Go back to the dying mage whose granddaughter.. I mean wife.. wants you to help him.
We can spare a little Karma so help the old pervert die with the lightning sword.


Enrage the knight to the point of violence and get the gatekeeper to help you.
Go to the shrine and kill the Demon. Take the sigil and cleanse the shrine.
Plead for Dexterity and then go back to Trinsic, with the sigil.

You may need to GUST an extra bottle in order to return alive.

Now I think it's time to nab the Bell of Courage.

Go to the far south-eastern tip of Trinsic, and you should see an island just out of swimming distance.
Use the 3rd-generation bridge technique to cross over to Serpent's Hold.

Swim down into the castley bit and go into the dry area.

Head right, and kill the ghosts (again?) with the Lightning sword.
Jump over to the right-hand chest and take the key therein.
If a spectre annoys you use the Staff of the Dead.

Go around the central column and open the locked door. DO NOT ENTER.
Inside is a powerful arch-mage who is very dangerous.
Fortunately, a single triple-shot before he sees you will settle him.
When he's dead, pop in and get the Teleport scroll on the right-hand side of the room in the corner.

Now, the wall should dissolve outside revealing the Bell of Courage.
Creep around the right hand edge so the keeper of the Bell doesn't see you and reach in with your gibbon-arms to steal the Bell away.

Now we have the Teleport scroll, leave the Bell of Courage to rust in the sand and go back to Trinsic.
Now go back to Britain and head towards Iolo's place.

"Save, and restart.  QUICKLY!  The game is not well!"
Go up the hill path to the left of his house and head off towards Wrong, killing the assortment of Brigands and Archers en route.

When you come down the hill, SAVE, before you reach the Evil Urchin.
He must die, and quickly before he has a chance to speak or your fate is sealed.

"You're a little brat and I'm not going to give you any money... Oh Shit!"

Use your bow to fell him at a distance. When the cursor is red, the Avatar will tend to shoot high and to the left, so compensate for this.

The Evil Urchin is very powerful but a single arrow will finish him off.

Now go to the ruined bridge. We have the Legs of Sentri so we don't even need a pole to get to Yew.
Just go about halfway down the broken bridge and then jump to the ledge on the other side.

Head towards Wrong and go to the bridge. Eeek, goblins!
Jump off the bridge and swim north-west around the coast.

Eventually you will come to some ice-wolves.
Swim around the icebergs with them on until you come to the westmost iceberg.

I only show compassion to poor, defenceless killing machines

Climb on it and keep jumping west to avoid the icewolf.
Now you should be in the water again, and able to swim to the beach.

The amp is cranked up to maximum and the Avatar stands motionless, waiting.
Occasionally he whistles 'Rule Britannia' at ear-splitting volume.

Eventually, a mellifluous tinkling cry fills the air.

IDM: What was that?
JPM: That is an ice-wolf.
IDM: Kill that then.
JPM: No!  Absolutely not!  I have never, ever killed an ice-wolf before
     and I will not start now!
IDM: And you won't kill wolves either.  So, you believe that ALL hounds
     are innocent, even when it can be proven beyond doubt that they are
JPM: Yes.  Anyway, I have come to study their habits.
IDM: You what?!?
JPM: They're a protected species.
IDM: They're not even very canine at all!
JPM: I don't care!  How can you even think about killing something with
     such a beautiful voice?


JPM: What is this Evil?!?  Have you Murdered an ice-hound?!?
IDM: They drop sapphires.
JPM: There can be no redemption for the murder of a Water-Dog.
IDM: What?
JPM: Consult  The Avesta, look at the end of Fargard 13 of the
     book of the Venidad...
IDM: Cool!  Have you got an Avesta now?
JPM: No, I'm using the on-line copy.  Now.  If you murder a water
     dog, then 'sweetness and fatness will flow out of the land'
     and it won't come back 'until the murderer of the water-dog
     has been smitten to death on the spot'!

Ok, you're on the beach, and you should see some odd rock formations to the west. Head towards them, and you've found Yew!

Go immediately to the Bowyer and demand training for 2000gp, then go directly to the library and look at the bookshelf facing you as you enter.
Move the globe (isn't Britannia supposed to be flat?) on to the floor and you should see a small golden tab called 'book'.

Click on this and read the book of Justice.

The book raves about some strange old mountain-man, the Pure One, so we must find him.
Head towards the lake with the stone heads and up the mountain path. Scrabble down and you're back in Britain!

Go back to the ruined bridge again [81] but this time look left as soon as you go through the archway, and you should see a ledge.

Below this ledge is a kind of slope. Go to the highest part of the slope and you should be able to jump onto the ledge. Jump down the other side and kill the goblins with your huge sword. Go along the mountain path and you should see a green banner. Go up the hill by this banner and you will meet the Pure One, who isn't human.

Answer all his questions with 'NO' unless he gets shirty (then say 'YES') and you should have the Feather of Justice.

Now go back to Castle Wrong and go all the way around it. You should see a part where the rock and castle meet. Get out your bottles and climb it.

Jump over the castle walls and head for the thatched guardroom.
You probably have two bags: drop them on the floor here and fill your inventory with crap.
Take the stuff out of the two bags first and put it in your belt and backpack.
Wield the Lightning Sword and then make sure there is not a -single- empty square in the whole of your inventory.
There should be plenty of junk in the guardroom to help if you're stuck.

Now we're going to rook the game silly.

Go down into the dungeon and into the Warden's room. Read the book.
Go outside and get arrested. Break out of jail and go find your stuff.

Hey.. there's an extra bag appeared!
Drop the bag on the floor and use the object(s) inside it to fill up your inventory solid as before, then go and get arrested again and again..
When you have created 7 or 8 bags, grab everything (put most of the bags in your backpack and maybe two on your belt as F11,F12) and put Daram's Journal in the chest where your backpack appears.

Now your stuff will never be stolen again if you get nicked!

Go through the motions of freeing Raven, just for kicks.
When you've opened the fire-cell we have to stop because we need her to give you a key to progress further.

Go back out of Wrong, kill the Wyrmguards and find the small islet on the Eastern side of the island.
Swim out to it and get out them bottles.

Make a 3rd-generation bridge to the Minoc mines. Go through the passage to the other side (NOT down the mine).

Minoc is dead boring, so we won't stay long. Keep out of Blackthorne's way (We're saving him up for later) and creep round to the Docks.

Go to the far end of the docks and wait until it gets sunny (if the weather goes bad because you're near the shrine).
Build a 3rd-generation bridge to Moonglow.

Find the entrance to Deceit and go through. We'll break INTO the prison.
Forget about the cells, go to the rock tunnel and go through the secret door.
Press the switch in the weird room and wait until the statues are looking at you and the door should be unlocked.

Go through the door, turn right. Ready the Staff of the Dead and press all the buttons, grab the potion and kill the skeletons.
Go back down the corridor to the Lava room.

We have Sentri's legs so this is dead easy. Go to the painting on the right, stand on the rocky platform.
Now jump to the central platform with the teleporter. Head to the wall with loads of buttons and press the middle one.
Jump back onto the central platform, then jump to the statue with 5 buttons, opposite the painting.

Press the right two buttons until the statue faces the target on the thing you've raised just before and then press the middle button.
The teleport forcefield should dissolve, otherwise adjust your aim and try again.

Now jump onto the central platform and use the teleporter.

Head right to the thing with a target and a sluice control.
Use your bow to shoot the target and jump over to the tap. Turn it.
Now wait for the lava to subside and go back to where you arrived, to the North.
Jump down onto the rocks, and head to the North wall.

You want to go this way, along the edges of the wall

On the walls all around the cavern there is a ledge just above the lava.
Jump onto this ledge and keep heading North, jumping from section to section to keep out of the lava.

You should now come to a big platform in mid-air, with a pillar to take a globe.
Instead, climb onto this pillar and use it to jump up to the platform.

Get yourself up to maximum health and then go through the teleporter.
Run forwards as fast as possible and jump into the lava. Unless you're very unlucky, you should have landed on the bridge just below the lava.
Jump forward in the lava and scramble up to the island.
If you die, reload and try again.

The underwater bridge is roughly here.

Mariah will now say something about her pet (what pet?) and triplicate herself.
Using the Staff of the Dead kill the two Mariahs with shields and then run away from the original until the lift appears.

Jump on the lift and get the Glyph. The camera will now pan back, Mariah will do a voice-over and summon Gypsy.
Gypsy will duly appear but because you're gone, Gypsy will mope around and howl a bit.

Get back onto the lift and go through the teleporter.

Creep right as you leave the dungeon to avoid talking to Duncan.
Head into the village and find Bastita. Agree to get Mariah's shield.
Go to Mariah's house and get the shield. Go back and give the shield to Bastita to get the squigil.
If you value the shield more than your karma, open her up and the shield will fall out.

Go to the Shrine, Sanctify it and take the Writ with you.


JPM: Oh my God, I've just realised!  Raven.. she appears at the dock when we
     cleanse the Shrine of Honesty and gives you your backpack!
IDM: So?
JPM: Blackthorne hasn't stolen it yet.
IDM: This should be cool.

JPM: Ok, I've just cleansed the Shrine.  How shall I plead?
IDM: Ask for Dexterity.  You know, I think we're about to disprove the
     validity of the pudding.
JPM: What pudding?
IDM: You know.. the proof of the pudding is in the tasting?
JPM: Of course, but which pudding are you referring to?
IDM: Doing Honesty before Despise.

Avatar approaches dock

IDM: Is this the pudding? (points to Raven's ship)
JPM: [faltering]  No!  I can't do this!

[Ian takes over the mouse and clicks on Raven.
 I skip the dialog by tapping Enter very fast.]

Raven:  "Look, I know you're ang.."
Avatar: "Damn right I.. "
Raven:  "Gu..  Suh.."
Avatar: "I'm sorry Raven.  I don't trust you.  Goodbye."
Raven:  "You might want this."

IDM: Was that the sound of your karma dropping?
JPM: Saints preserve us!

Avatar: "My backpack!  Where did you.."

IDM: No shit!  WHERE THE F*** did you get THAT from?
JPM: [checks pockets]
     Nothing is missing.. it's still alive.. I think we're going to be all right!

Jump back to Minoc (you may need to lay a few more bottles) and find Gringo.
It is on a shelf in the tunnel between the waterfall and the docks.
Now go down the mine. Find the Blackrock Orb and take the Glyph too.
This will take a long time. Then leave the mine.

If Blackthorne is around, have SOME FUN, otherwise talk to the Rom Baro and get him to explode.
Get the sigil (but not the codex lens) and cleanse the Shrine. Take the Sigil with you.

Go back to Britain and get the Glyph of Compression.

By jumping carefully as you emerge the dungeon, you can prevent Raven
appearing.  I was afraid this would break the Mayor and did not try it,
but now I don't see that it should.
Anyway. Try to make Raven go away, and then head to Paws to get the Sigil from the mayor.
We might as well do the shrine now. Remember to take the Sigil afterwards.

Go back to Trinsic, and from Trinsic to Skara-Brae. Find Shamino, talk to him twice and then go down the well (just to make sure).

Now, go to Buc's den and buy 27 loaves of bread from the provisioner.

Avatar: Some bread, please.  I'm going to swim to Terfin.
Pirate: Certainly sir.  Here's nine loaves. (He be crazy!)
Avatar: More bread!
Pirate: Have another nine loaves. (Mad. His money is as good as anyone else's though)
Avatar: MORE!!!
Pirate: Another nine loaves?
Avatar: Thankyou, that will be all.  Have a nice day.

The Fifth Generation Bridge of Bread to Terfin

This is the simplest known bridge. It is dead easy to set up, and very safe if properly built.

Bread has the following properties which make it very desirable:

Unfortunately there is no easy supply of bread at the start of the game, so you can't really use it to get to Trinsic.

Ok, now go to the island of Buc's Den where the lighthouse is, and go around it until you see a lump of sand between the Den and New Magincia.
If you have the cloth map, it's the little yellow blob to the far east.

Jump onto the sand and put one of the loaves in the water.
Now, Gust the loaf until it is about halfway to the island.
Use the bread to cross to the Island of Humility.

Go around the island and find the way up. Don't kill any wolves because that's not cool.
If you're lucky the wolves will ignore you completely.
If not, jump onto the ruins so they can't get to you.

Remember the first law of Justice

Now, the first thing we must do is help the vultures.
Eating raw meat is horrible, but the vultures have run out of matches. Easy to fix.
Find the tree, climb up it and you will see the vulture's campfire.
Come on baby, light their fire.

"Oh, virtues!  I thought it said 'Avatar, servant of the Vultures'.."
Now we have to find that whore Katrina. She should be around somewhere.
Katrina will hold the Crock of Humility ransom and thereby blackmail you into murdering the DEC Alpha wolf.
Agree to do this and go into her home. You should find some books, a loaf of bread and some jewellery.

Take it all. The bread is to reimburse the cost of the bridge, the jewellery we can pawn off later, and the books are for REVENGE.

Go down to the dome where the big, grey Alpha wolf lives.

Just follow the Yellow-Brick road to the emerald city

The DEC Alpha wolf has a highly efficient Reduced Instruction Set core clocked at 667 Mhz, and he runs Windows NT. But that won't help him.
Find the wolf and make his death as quick and painless as possible. If you have a spare Glass Sword, now would be a good time to use it.

Greywolf! My brother.. my enemy..

Now, go back to Katrina who will give you the squigil. That is not sufficent payment.
Technically you are now the leader of the wolfpack, so get out your weapon and kill all goats.

Subvert normality! De-stroy, kill ALL goats! Anarchy!

Next, go to the bridge between the two islands (the fallen building thing) and go to the middle of the bridge.
Put all Katrina's books (Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang, Chad's Book Of Vultures and some crap poetry, IIRC) on the bridge and use Gust to blast them all into the deep ocean where you won't be able to find them even if you look hard.

Katrina: Thank you for 'dealing with' the vultures and wolves, Avatar!
Avatar:  You evil little slut!  You made me break the first and third laws of Justice!
Katrina: My goats are a lot happier now.
Avatar:  No doubt.  I've sent them all to heaven for you.
Now we have the Sigil, our work is done here.
Go down to the island where the Alpha woof lived, and look for two sandbanks to the far south.
These are very shallow areas of water where the sand appears and disappears as the water moves.

Go there and put some bread down. It will rise to the top, ready for Gusting.
Blow the bread out and put some more bread down.

Use the controlled Gusts to steer the bread into a line reaching out to Terfin in the far distance.
Jump onto the nearest loaf and gust the other bread further out. Make sure the distance to the bread is Yellow-cursor, not Red if at all possible.
You will also need some points where you have two pieces of bread very close to each other, so you can drop more bread (a stack of 5 should do) to keep building the bridge.

You should need around 10 or 11 loaves of bread to get to Terfin and back (the rest are backup for emergencies).

"There is a potential problem, that the dragons of Terfin may interrupt your bread-laying activities.." -Ian

Ok, you should be at Terfin now. Avoid the dragons (this is easy) and find the front door.
Go inside and find the Guardian. Some guy you don't know dies and the Guardian calls Blackthorne a worm.
The Guardian then beats you up and shows you his latest video. Then you get kicked out.

From the docks, go back to your bridge. On the way, there should be a bottle of Serpentwyne which you will probably need.

Go back to Britain, not forgetting to sell Katrina's jewels while in Buc's Den.

Go to Lord British's castle and go into his study.
Find 'A memory of Stones', which should be on the left hand shelf and read it.
Find the Harpsichord woman on the landing and get her to give you a copy of Stones.
Go to LB's bedroom and play stones to the box.

Now you should have the W Of Spirituality.

Unless I've forgotten something in the write-up, we should be all set to achieve Godhood and take over the universe in just a few minutes time.
For added drama, you might want to see the Trial in Yew now, so that we finish the game with Raven on death row.

Go back to Terfin via the Bridge of Bread.

The door is locked, so we need to break in.
If you got the teleport scroll, beam yourself through the crack between the two doors.

If not, go around the entrance until you find a bit where the rock is high against the wall.
You should be able to pole-vault over the wall, but watch for the lava on the other side.

Decoratively arrange the squigils on the pillars and upset the Guardian.
The magic word is 'Sanct Vas Grav In Mani An Corp', or if you know the magic syllables off by heart, write SVGIMAC on a piece of paper.

Run away from his lightning bolts and hide behind the big pillars.
If you want to try and jump out of the Barrier of Life, plant a pole, it will be handy.

Grab three bits of black gate and dump them in the circle.
Enter the words 'Vas Kal An Mani In Corp Hur Tym' (VKAMICHT).

Cue telecine, on my mark, 5, 4, 3, 2, . .


You are now more powerful than God and the whole of creation is your plaything.


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