Whacked-out Ultima 9

Things to Do

Getting to Yew first thing (without cheating)

You're really not supposed to go to Yew until Raven says so.
One way of getting there, though, is to abuse some of the game's more lenient rules, and climb over the mountains via a tower of unlikely objects. Since this means doing things like balancing sticks on their ends and clambering up ladders made of bottles, it isn't satisfactory to everybody. So for the purist, I present the following wholly kosher means of prematurely arriving in Yew:


From Britain, head in the direction of Paws until you get to the burning building and the bandits. Climb up on the mountain behind the cottage:



Carry on up the mountain track.



You should find yourself facing a snowy plateau. We're looking for a certain rock formation; you should find it in roughly the direction indicated:



Right! Now climb up onto the rocks with a series of jumps...



...and presto! You're over the mountains. Yew is still some miles northwards, but the way there is now clear.



(By the way, though the Avatar is pictured wearing Sentri's Trousers, which aid jumping, this can all be done just as well without them.)

Be warned, however!
If you witness the Trial in Yew before completing the dungeon Despise, Raven may go awry, crippling the plot.

The Jump

A short public information film


Pick your spot with care



A Successful Jump



An Unsuccessful jump


Fun With Blackthorne

In cove, take out your bow and head towards the gypsies.
Stand at the foot of the hill where Blackthorne is giving the gypsies some gyp.

Shoot the two gypsies dressed in brown, the ones Blackthorne is going to kill.
The Avatar will make excited noises and you won't lose any virtue points.
Now strip the Avatar naked and walk towards Blackthorne so the script starts.


Swim across the river and creep up on Blackthorne from behind.
Start the scene and the Avatar will be in the wrong place. As Blackthorne says his piece, the Avatar will mooch around in the background in a confused manner.


Move the Avatar up to the bridge. As soon as you feel the Avatar start to move under script control, make him jump into the river.
Unfortunately he can't drown while the conversation happens.

But, probably the best of all..

Cross the river and stand on the opposite bank. Shoot Blackthorne.

He will become enraged and chase you. Dive into the river and he will follow. I bet you didn't think Blackthorne could swim, but he can.

You may need some fancy work to get him out of the river.

Lead him to the docks on a merry chase. If he turns around and goes away, shoot him again.
Climb up on the big rock by Raxos' place. He might not be able to get down again.

If this doesn't work, lead him to the docks and find 2 barrels of the same height.
Put the two barrels next to each other and stand on one. Blackthorne should follow.

Take the barrels away from under him, or smash them and he should be stranded in mid-air.

I left Blackthorne hanging around

Now go back to the gypsies. A mute show will now take place, sans Blackthorne, and the two brown gypsies won't die.

If you talk to them, they're stock gardeners of the type you find in the grounds of LB's house.

Don't Tell

Let's play 'William Tell'. This is a simple game, all you have to do is shoot an apple on someone's head.


First, we need to find an apple, a bow and some arrows. These should be fairly easy to obtain in Britain.
However, it is strongly recommended to learn Class IV bow skills, to get the Death Swarm shot. This can be had from Iolo, once you have learned from the other two archers.

Next we need to find a happy volunteer. Place the apple on his head, or close enough.



Now, aim your bow at the apple. Do a Magic Shot, draw and in God's name strike.



This may get a little messy.



Okay, hide the body somewhere. Find another volunteer and try again.






Never mind, put him with the others. But don't give up, practice makes perfect.



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