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Ultima 9 is a lot more fun than many people realise. Here's why...

Ocean Travel Without A Boat

A walkthrough in which Blackthorne survives and Shamino rots in hell for ever and ever.

Ocean Travel Without A Boat

The Making Of..

The Making Of 'Ocean Travel Without A Boat'

A commentary of my progress through the game

The Oracle Exposed!

This will change your opinion of the Oracle of Moonglow forever.

The Oracle: A Sham Exposed

Ultima 9 Drug Nightmare

U9 and Linux meet. It'll all end in tears..

U9 Drug Nightmare

Main Gallery

There are no 'camera tricks' - everything here is exactly what we saw in the game, save for cropping, resizing and gamma correction.
Of course, we won't spoil it for you by saying how we did it.. ;-)


The gallery currently has 39 images.

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Thanks to Ian for his artistic guidance in preparing the screenshots.

Also check out: U9ENCODE, a music inserter for Ultima 9, so you can replace 'Hail Britannia'(sic) with something less grating.

Things to Do

Things To Do

The Adventures of Barrel-Head

'nuff said.

The Adventures of Barrel-Head

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